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Nom du groupe Trist (CZ)
Nom de l'album Nostalgie
Type EP
Date de parution 04 Avril 2012
Style MusicalBlack Doom
Membres possèdant cet album3


1. Nostalgie I
2. Nostalgie II

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Chronique @ Satanicarchangel

06 Mai 2013

Lonely and beautiful Black Metal

Droning distorted guitars and minimalistic and repetitive riffs with a hint of shoegazing create one of the loneliest atmospheres ever put forth on Trist's Nostalgie.

The two songs on this E.P have almost the same names, almost the same running time and sound pretty much exactly the same with distorted reverberating guitars and the occasional distant shriek. It may sound like a pretty boring affair but this is the type of music that is only concerned with one thing and that's creating a powerful atmosphere. I shall say this right now, it is easier to create atmosphere with slow music than anything that's faster, that might sound cliché but in my personal experience it is true. The slow, emotional and powerful riffs of Nostalgie create a very powerful and moving atmosphere that is really easy to get lost within. The thick buzzing riffs seemingly blend together creating an impenetrable atmosphere that you won't want to escape from. The guitars only play simple chord progressions and each riff can go on for over a minute at a time, the seemingly never ending walls of guitar create an ethereal and flowing atmosphere that immerses the listener fully in the experience. The drums carry a steady beat and there are no blast beats used here for which I am thankful for, the constant steady beats are suitable and blast beats would be out of place on an album as minimal as this. The vocals are sparse and distant, sounding devoid of any humanity further emphasising the lonely atmosphere.

As a side note I'd like to mention that the production has been massively improved from Trist's previous works, this is by no means a hindrance though as the thick, lonely atmosphere is still there. This is the kind of Black Metal that you can relax to, everything is easy on the ears and even the vocals which often put people off this genre are buried and distant. This music is perfect for those looking to get away from the world for a while as the overdriven guitar riffs blend together to create an absorbing and lonely atmosphere.

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