Into the Dark Forest... (Re-Recorded)

Liste des groupes Black Epique Elffor Into the Dark Forest... (Re-Recorded)
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Nom du groupe Elffor
Nom de l'album Into the Dark Forest... (Re-Recorded)
Type Album
Date de parution 04 Mai 2007
Style MusicalBlack Epique
Membres possèdant cet album22


Re-Issue in 2012 by Northern Silence Productions with a different cover.
1. Intro / Those Dark Battles 03:35
2. Into the Dark Forest… 04:04
3. Darkness in the Foggy Mountains 05:38
4. Frostfog 06:26
5. The Lonely Mountain 05:35
6. Under the Northem Icemoon 03:09
7. Entrance to the Fog 05:49
8. The Threshold of the Unknown Kingdom 04:43
9. Chaos Reigns… 05:46
Total playing time 44:45

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