Inhuman Devoured Content from Cranial Cavity

Liste des groupes Death Grind Carnal Disfigurement Inhuman Devoured Content from Cranial Cavity
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Nom du groupe Carnal Disfigurement
Nom de l'album Inhuman Devoured Content from Cranial Cavity
Type Album
Date de parution 20 Janvier 2011
Style MusicalDeath Grind
Membres possèdant cet album9


1. Decrepit Pyemesis 03:33
2. The Art of Sadistic Body Examination 02:57
3. Depth of Perverse Depravity 02:52
4. Butchered Maggoty Face 03:02
5. Ulcerative Helminthemesis 03:08
6. Cadaveric Stench of Infecting Population 02:36
7. Degenerating Cerebral Impulses 02:10
8. Dismembered Human Filet 03:19
Total playing time 23:37

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Carnal Disfigurement

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Chronique @ Crinn

08 Juillet 2012

Boring and tasteless with a couple of catchy breakdowns

Inherited Suffering Records mainly puts out mediocre albums, with the only truly amazing album being Instinct of Inhuman Devourment by Ezophagothomia (which I’ve also written a review on AND bought the physical CD, so you should check it out). I’ve actually written a couple of reviews on Inherited Suffering albums. And to be honest, (I’ll repeat myself), none of them were impressive at all aside from Ezophagothomia. But the death grind band Carnal Disfigurement is the topic of this morning. I’ve had this album in my collection for roughly four months now (maybe more), and I wasn’t too impressed by it from the start. And even now, the album sounds boring and bland with some catchy breakdowns here and there.

Ok, now I’m starting to hear some things in this album that really bother me. Unfortunately, something that commonly comes with underground brutal music is shitty vocals. Sometimes they just flat out sound horrible and make me want to throw something. In this case, the vocalist has some fairly decent goregrind-style vocals going on, but without ANY change in pitch at all. This shows absolutely NO emotion and that the vocalist really doesn’t give a shit about sounding good. The band needed someone who could write brutal lyrics and inhale (anyone can inhale), nothing too special. Well, the band decided to go with the bare minimum which ended up completely ruining the entire record. The main reason why this album has such a boring and tasteless sound is because the vocals are fucking BORING AND TASTELESS!! THIS SORT OF THING PISSES ME OFF, I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!

Having the ability to block out the vocals really pays off in some cases, especially if the vocals are overly distracting. So after I block out the vocals to listen to what’s going on under the hood with the rest of the band, I hear the same thing, boringness and tastelessness. What the hell were these guys thinking?? Yes, I LOVE death grind, two of my VERY favorite bands are from that genre! But it seems that bands in the death grind genre are either AMAZING or ATROCIOUS! In fact, this album is so tasteless and uncreative that I don’t hear ANY brutality at all! LITERALLY NOTHING!

Death grind is supposed to combine the most brutal elements of grindcore with the darkest elements of death metal and brutal death. Therefore, death grind needs to be pretty fucking brutal in order to be considered good by me. Carnal Disfigurement is so boring that they put me to sleep. Probably the only thing that grabbed my attention in a positive manner was that they have some catchy breakdowns in a couple of the songs. But other than that, there’s nothing positive that I can think of to say. Probably the thing that disgusted me the most was when Butchered Maggoty Face came on. This track is one of the most atrocious and annoying death grind songs I’ve ever heard. You want to know why? THE FUCKING BASS BOOMS! Bass booms are a very important element when it comes to this kind of music and can actually really enhance the brutality of a breakdown. The bass booms on this album are so loud that they’re distorted and sound SHITTY. On top of that, when they go off, it drowns out the whole band in a mess of sloppy distortion. Honestly, there’s nothing more annoying than that. That song is definitely the hardest song to get through on this album.

Overall, this album sucks. Carnal Disfigurement sucks, and…IT SUCKS! I would give this album a 6/20 for being a huge disappointment considering that they’re the most popular band on Inherited Suffering’s roster. I would advise you to steer clear of this album.

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