In the Eye of Satan

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Nom du groupe Deiphago
Nom de l'album In the Eye of Satan
Type Album
Date de parution 02 Juin 2015
Style MusicalBlack Death
Membres possèdant cet album7


 Intro: Obliteration
 Evil and Adverse
 Bloodbath of Genocide
 (6 x 6 x 6) / 3
 Serpentine Anti-world
 Calculated Acts of Cruelty
 Red Dragon of Chaos
 Ritual Death of the Enemy
 Into the Eye of Satan

Durée totale : 34:56

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Chronique @ jimicok

26 Juillet 2015

The album before detonation

In times of many changes, updates, news and new trends, it is more than salvageable to find expected shelter and get the meantime chaos.
Paradoxical is say "we find refuge", and was purposely used that metaphor, because if something isn't In the Eye of satan is refuge from the chaos. Deiphago throw on the table a hydrogen bomb that detonates with the ferocity that had shown earlier.
Into the Eye of Satan is the title of the new album from the Philippine Deiphago and what is perhaps the most chaotic Power Trio with planet earth which has, dispatched a work of more chaotic brutal Black Death Metal literally and no exaggeration to say so, it kills you live.
Into the Eye of Satan broke the half year, departing on June 2, 2015 through Hells Headbangers Records, recorded in The Thousand Caves Studios Queens New York USA in December 2014, by Savnok on drums, Sidapa on guitars and by Voltaire 666 on bass and vocals. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston, cover artwork by Axel Hermann.
Hard to describe the nine executions, among which is the introduction, and nearly thirty-five minutes up the album. But one thing is certain, aggressiveness remains intact and that every second from the album is undeniable Deiphago's shouts, which is perhaps the most violent album of 2015, and provided Deiphago launches a worker expected to be on the podium of the most chaotic and overwhelming albums which records are taken, and here at the Into the Eye of Satan is able to impose that idea, it is possible to make the listener not be more than a body hit the floor again and again, smothered and extinct from start to finish.
A desperate voice, recorded from a cave in some strange place drums, bass and guitar which do not deliver any grounds to doubt or peace, a base drum make you wish you suffer from epilepsy, dishes that will make young Palestinians feel at home, all jammed in a devastating sound, and adorned with passages where the guitars stand giving life to the cover art at hand.
Knowing that there are projects in some places of the planet, which keep intact the principle that for years touting, one was reassured and that Deiphago and its more than 25 years on the scene of chaos, hold the potential on his discography, and that has the same freshness, violence and chaos that his first album Satanik Eon who has nearly a decade on the shelves of the world, waiting for the last three years, like three years behind us with a formidable album that we enjoy the rest of the time, waiting for the possibility of three more years, another bomb detonated in front of us.
To describe work in sound of Deiphago inevitably have to move away from music and closer to military plane, which is that this board, like its predecessors, threaten human existence, and are only comparable to the blasts that one heard on the footage of terrorist attacks, again, Filipinos lead us to enjoy the chaos, and let our ears are subjected to an avalanche or the detonation of a belt 50 calibers.
For those not familiar with the project, Deiphago is this, Deiphago is Into the Eye of Satan, describes the project from start to finish, so it is a good time to lend an ear to the Philippine project, for those who want to get an idea before going, it could be recommended to Blasphemy, Conqueror or Revenge, Bestial Warlust and even the Beherit, but still, I would say that the best thing to define Deiphago is a terrorist attack, the remainder, It is in Into the Eye of Satan, the new Filipino, and a jewel of 2015.

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