In the Breath of Wind

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Nom du groupe In Ruins (USA-2)
Nom de l'album In the Breath of Wind
Type Cassette
Date de parution Mars 2007
Style MusicalBlack Metal
Membres possèdant cet album0


1. Part I (Into the Forest of Witchlight)
2. The Dark Eminence
3. Sacrifice the Flesh
4. The Heathen Resistance
5. Arms of Leviathan
6. Part II (Grim Delight in Life's Decline)
7. Regathering Dreams
8. Fields of Burning White Skies
9. End of Days
10. Part III (Invocation of Apocalypse)
11. The Barrow Keeper
12. The Empty Winter
13. Foreknowledge of Damnation
14. In the Breath of Winds (On the Throne of Eternity)
15. Requiem

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