In the Beginning

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Nom du groupe Babylon A.D.
Nom de l'album In the Beginning
Type Album
Date de parution 08 Août 2006
Style MusicalHard Rock
Membres possèdant cet album6


1. I'm No Good for You
2. Back Street Girl
3. Tears
4. Don't Ask Questions
5. Do You Want It
6. Just Another Face
7. She Likes to Give It
8. Too Much Too Young
9. When I'm Gone
10. Hear My Heartbeat
11. Bad Mistake
12. Last Time for Love
DISC 2 (Covers Album)
1. Radio Promo (Perris 24-7)
2. Deuce (Beautiful Creatures)
3. Fueler (Stephen Pearcy)
4. Rock 'N' Roll Is a Motherfucker (Joker Five Speed)
5. Teaser, Teaser (Loud N Nasty)
6. Blood on the Radio (Broken Teeth)
7. Pure American Muscle, Baby (Fat Nancy)
8. Sacred Shrine (Eidolon)
9. Money Shot (Midnight Circus)
10. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin (Sweet Cheater)
11. Back Again (Funny Money)
12. S/T (Razamamaz)
13. Too Much Ain't Enough (Loud N Nasty)
14. Night at the Cockfights (Stampede Queen)
15. S/T (Blind Date)
16. Outlaws, Fools & Thieves (Roxx)
17. 900Lb. Steam (Animal)
18. Chainreaction (Fahrenheit)
19. Monroe - Cherry St.
20. S/T (Syanide Kick)
21. Shouting Silence (Michael Reisenbeck)
22. Up at the Crack (Boned)
23. After Dark (Gunshy)
24. Switchblade Serenade (Switchblade)
25. Make Some More Noise (Jetboy)
26. Buster Cherry (Cherry St.)
27. S/T (Broken Teeth)
28. 3 Chords & the Truth (Big Bang Babies)
29. New Sensation (Mad Margritt)
30. Fight for Your Life (Odin)