I Walk the Life in Depression

Liste des groupes Black Ambient Deep-pression I Walk the Life in Depression
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Nom du groupe Deep-pression
Nom de l'album I Walk the Life in Depression
Type Album
Date de parution Octobre 2006
Style MusicalBlack Ambient
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Re-Issue in by Singularity Publishing.
 I Walk the Life in Depression

Durée totale : 31:49

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Chronique @ Satanicarchangel

07 Septembre 2013

Minimalistic depression- a musical voyage to numb you

I Walk the Life in Depression is a pretty decent affair. The emotional quality is top match despite it's many short comings and it manages to be quite an absorbing little release. The repetition though off putting at first, becomes pivotal in portraying the atmosphere and emotion Deep-pression aim to achieve. The overall tone of the song is very languid and exhausted. It carries with it a very depressed sound, it's very cold, very tired and very emotionally draining. The repetition works wonders in achieving this atmosphere. Creating a pure and earnest representation of the debilitating mental condition. I Walk the Life in Depression portrays depression in a very realistic manner. This isn't a glorification of the disorder, nay quite the opposite in face, it despairs at it. I Walk the Life in Depression sounds like the resultant output of people who have known nothing but depression. I wouldn't call this depressing music in the traditional sense, rather I think the term depressed suits it better. The reason I wouldn't call it depressing in the usual sense is simply for the reason that this music just sounds really depressed. It's worn out and tired, just how the mental disorder works its curse. I Walk the Life in Depression is one of those albums that requires the uppermost correct mindset to fully grasp what the artist has set out to achieve. For people who have never resided in the annals of depression then the artistic vision Deep-pression aim to recreate will be entirely lost in them. For those unfortunate to have experienced depression in its purest form, then I Walk the Life in Depression feels like a reunion with a long forgotten acquaintance, it reminds us fully of the mental exhaustion depression invokes.

To fully grasp Deep-pression is to have a powerful understanding of sadness in its most annihilating form. To bring about such an unrelenting and devastating atmosphere implies a lifetime spent in depression. The music feels far too honest to be merely put on for show. The emotion is painfully real, the atmosphere brutally effective. The screams provided by Trist are harrowing to say the least. They're very tortured and anguished sounding, carrying a heavy load of emotion to fully bring about the sorrow that these musicians have been burdened with. The overall minimalism of this track is by far the most important aspect of the track. It successfully creates a worn out and decrepit atmosphere. The minimalism is unforgiving, the atmosphere relentless, the overall tone is of pure despair and mental torment. I Walk the Life in Depression is very effective in representing the atmosphere of depression and that for me is its biggest selling point. Of course the minimalism is done to the highest possible extreme, there's virtually no variation present throughout the half an hour playing time. With the same riff and ambient backdrop being played constantly in a depressed cycle. The music feels never ending, the music creates constant waves of emotion that washes over the listener, purging out each and every last glimmer of hope embedded within their soul.

But of course the minimalism wouldn't be effective if the actual music wasn't any good. Thankfully however, Deep-pression know how to hold an atmosphere, The riffs never wear out their welcome, the ambiance never becomes lost on me. The quality of the music remains constant throughout, ensuring that the atmosphere never wears thin or becomes lost. Minimalism is often a hard aspect to get right, mainly because there's not much room to actually work with the concept. You're either good with it or you're not, well at least that's how I see it. I think minimalism works best when the music is able to remain emotionally engaging throughout, because if music doesn't capture your emotions in anyway then what's left? Not a whole lot to be fair. Deep-pression are very effective minimalist musicians, The atmosphere is utterly ensnaring, the fuzzy guitars create a powerful and emotional wall of sound. The vocals are seldom used and in my opinion that works in the bands favor. Over abundance of vocals within the depressive black metal scene almost never works. The best way to utilize them to their full affect is to perform them at pivotal moments, to add more depth and misery to the music. If vocals were constant throughout then the atmosphere would be lost. Maintaining a scarce presence helps to keep the misery and atmosphere powerful, Ensuring that it never begins to grate on the nerves.

Of course, I Walk the Life in Depression is not absent of flaws. Most noticeably is the lack of drums and bass, it means that the music feels quite thin despite the powerful atmosphere and doesn't hold enough weight as it ideally should. There's no real drive behind the music, the lack of drums definitely responsible for this. The music feels lifeless, empty, there's no real power behind the composition. Just a lone guitar spruced up by occasional screams and a never ending wave of haunting ambiance. It's not the most interesting mix but it's pretty effective in creating a powerful atmosphere. I will admit that the lack of variation does allow a more powerful representation of depression, but looking at it from a strictly musical stand point it leaves a lot to be desired. It's structured far similar to ambient music than anything black metal related, there's no hatred or anger behind the music. Just a powerful sense of overarching depression. I Walk the Life in Depression works very well as an ambient album but not so much as a metal one. It's very well thought out mood music and is capable of creating a captivating and utterly engrossing listen despite the song writing issues. I wouldn't exactly recommend this album however because there's not much to actually enjoy. It is good however, in the vague sense of the word, it's very powerful and it's pretty hypnotic. It's pretty effective in numbing all those pesky little voices inside your head for half an hour, just keep in mind you'll probably feel cold and empty after.

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