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Nom du groupe Dream On, Dreamer
Nom de l'album Hope
Type EP
Date de parution 04 Juin 2010
Style MusicalPost Hardcore
Membres possèdant cet album11


 Persist the Voice
 Chapter: Desired Performance
 Blackened Sky
 Planted Somewhere Hidden
 In August

Durée totale : 18:32

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Chronique @ miniradman

07 Janvier 2011

A well balanced Post-Hardcore EP

Hope is Dream On Dreamer’s debut release. This EP is of the Post-Hardcore genre and was released in 2010 by boomtown records. Although this band is listed as Post-Hardcore, some really people may also consider this Screamo or even Emo Metal. This is one of those Underground gems that should be in the mainstream. This is an incredible debut EP and it is a perfect mix of awesome riffs, breakdowns and vocals that fit the music live a glove. I can really see this band making it to the big time very shortly.

This EP is one of those underground gems that is only waiting to be found. This band is almost perfectly rounded in it music and they sound almost perfectly in sync. This EP has a perfect mix of breakdowns, awesome riffs, vocals are perfect for their sound and emotion. Yep, this has it all. Not only that, but everything is of a high standard. The vocals sound great, they don’t over use the same type of scream or growl. The style he uses is seemingly perfect for the music, he doesn’t do anything too out there with the vocals. He keeps it nice and simple and that definitely works with the music. Also he has great clean vocals as well, a vital part of creating emotion in the music. The level of emotion in this EP is fairly high. The best thing about their style of music is that they don’t have to get all softy to get emotional. There is emotion throughout the whole EP and they don’t have to slowdown to create it. To do this well is fairly rare to find and what also makes this band so unique. Despite all the emotion, they make some great melodies and very good breakdowns. Also the transitions are nice and smooth and they don’t make any sudden changes, but this does not mean that they are monotone. They always change their pace and keep this EP alive and not boring.

Also like many other Post-Hardcore and Screamo bands they also incorporate some electronic music in they sound. They don’t over use it like other bands tend to do but they are there, it just adds that little bit of atmosphere to their music. Also a noticeable thing that they do in their music is that they like to build up tension and then slam it, this sounds great because they down slam it down to the point where it interrupts the pace of the music but enough to make a noticeable change. Also the drums sound fairly crazy throughout many of the tracks and the drummer likes to use the Cymbals and the Top Hat a lot. He also is in sync with the rest of the band, that being said their music is very tight and can get technical at times.

There are some amazing Post-Hardcore tracks on this EP, they feature everything you want. Good melodies, breakdowns, balanced pace between slow and fast and emotion. There are some very emotional tracks on this EP. All f the tracks do contain some elements of emotion in it but the most emotional is the track In August. It is very soft and this is where the really get the emotions going. This is a very sad sounding track, it is also very well done. The vocals are perfect and the music is still fast but does not create any sense of energy. Also the lead singer clean vocals are the best in this song. Also another weird thing about this track is that it ends with an incredibly heavy breakdown, but oddly it doesn’t really affect the mood of the track. There are some really heavy breakdowns in this EP and the best ones would probably be in the tracks In August, Chapter Desired Performance and Persist The Voice. I believe all of the tracks are very good and there is nothing that really stands out because their all follow pattern typical, other than the track In August. That one is a little more emotional than the others. I have to say, that this is one if the tightest Post-Hardcore bands I have heard. They have some really tight tracks and great examples of this would have to be in the song Persist The Voice. It is very tight and is one of those tracks that slams from a relatively fast pace into a breakdown. The best example of slamming in this EP would have to be the track Planted Somewhere Hidden. The other stand out track would have to be Ambitions. It basically takes everything that is good about them and stuffs it into a single track.

This is a very good release and there are very few minor little problems that may affect some listeners. I think that the main thing that may affect listeners the most is the running time of the EP. Yes this is an EP and yes it has 6 tracks and is ok for an EP, but the thing that matters is the actual running time. The total running is around 18.5 minutes, this is very short and wrecks the EP a little. 18 minutes is very short because just about when you are getting into the music it finishes and leaves you hanging wanting more. Sometimes this is a good thing but in this case they do it too abruptly and doesn’t really satisfy the listener. Although they have a really good sound, they can sound a little monotone. Now this many not be bad for people who like their style but the only problem with this is that it won’t really target a wide audience. This can be a bit weird because many bands who sound monotone have to think really hard about where they distribute their music. Also the last thing is that the music is very powerful but at times when the drummer does his double kick, it is faded and is drowned out by the rest of the music. You really have to listen hard to hear it but it is there.

Overall this is a very good debut release and is the perfect thing to kick start their career. It may be a little hard for them because they can only distribute their music to such a small audience which may make it a little harder to get their bans out there. I am sure that they will find the right people and once they find them I expect their popularity to rise really quickly. There is no doubt this is a gem just waiting to be discovered. This is a perfect mix of emotion, great melodies, breakdowns and the vocals tie it up in a nice little package. This wouldn’t usually target a very wide audience but I will recommend this EP to any Post-hardcore, Screamo, Emo and Metalcore fans out there. For the hardcore Metalcore fans tread lightly because it may not suit you. There are a few great tracks on this EP. If you want emotion I recommend In August, If you prefer tracks that are a little faster and heavier I recommend Persist The Voice and Blackened Sky. If you want everything stuffed into 1 track listen to Ambitions. Overall this a pretty good release and I give Hope EP an 18/20.

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