Hello Kitty Suicide Club

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Nom du groupe Hello Kitty Suicide Club
Nom de l'album Hello Kitty Suicide Club
Type Compilation
Date de parution 2008
Style MusicalElectro Grind
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. Charizard Uses Flamethrower Up Blastoise's Vagina
2. You Show Me a Pile of Dead Hookers and I Will Show You a Beanbag Chair
3. Black Man Lego Rape
4. Mr. Game & Watch Is a Mass Murderer
5. Tamagotchi Cannibalism
6. Roots MMORPG
7. Smashing Babies with Rocks (Intrumental)
8. Lincoln Log Holocaust
9. Safety Scissor Death Squad
10. Choking on Cupcakes Isn't As Cool as it Sounds
11. Untitled Demo (No Vox)

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Hello Kitty Suicide Club

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