G.G. (A La Finesse)

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Nom du groupe Disfigured Human Mind
Nom de l'album G.G. (A La Finesse)
Type Tribute
Date de parution 31 Janvier 2017
Style MusicalGrind Death
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. G.G. Allin Intro - Everybody is My Enemy
2. Mental Agony
3. Addicted Dirty Shitty Mind
4. Psycopath Deep Dementia
5. Wild and Savage Personalities
6. Morbid Insanity
7. Going Down without Limits
8. Humans Don't Matter, They Are Only Flesh
9. Grotesque and Bizarre
10. One More Mental Desease
11. Hanged Bodies
12. You Can't Understand Nothing About Noise
13. Horrid Fundaments
14. Homicide Humanity
15. Sinister Deviations
16. Demented Mind Under Teutonic Noise
17. Total Madness
18. Silent Torture
19. Unshit Yourself
20. G.G. Allin Outro - I Hate You Motherfuckers

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