Experiments from the Rust Factory

Liste des groupes Electro Grind Noisecore Freak Experiments from the Rust Factory
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Nom du groupe Noisecore Freak
Nom de l'album Experiments from the Rust Factory
Type Compilation
Date de parution 2004
Style MusicalElectro Grind
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. Cramped Cage
2. Scream With Me
3. Grinding Tooth and Face
4. Mutually Assured Destruction
5. Hellcat
6. Box Litter
7. Warm Needle
8. Terror in the Whorehouse Slum
9. Bonerack Shackled
10. Reincarnated Jesus Geek
11. Pulling Hacksaw Addiction
12. Media Suicide
13. Chainsaw Land Rapers
14. Human Nothingness
15. Life Bred Chemical Dependency
16. Lingerie Dissection
17. Ingested Hemorrhage Hero
18. Kill 101, Crash Course
19. Goodnight Carnage

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