Ego Anthem

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Nom du groupe Tracedawn
Nom de l'album Ego Anthem
Type Album
Date de parution 24 Septembre 2009
Style MusicalDeath Mélodique
Membres possèdant cet album17


 Make Amends
 Part of the Wounded
 In Your Name
 Your Way Is Not for Me
 Dirt Track Speedball
 Repeating Mistakes
 Brain Attack
 The Forsaken

Durée totale : 38:28

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Commentaire @ Tepponaattori

20 Avril 2011

A huge step backwards.

When I first heard that Tracedawn is going to release a new album, I immediately thought of something like their previous one. After all, I think that was an excellent sample of what these guys could do: very decent melodic death metal.
Well, I was completely wrong, for this album is nothing like the previous one. Their overall sound is very different, although you can still hear that it’s Tracedawn, for some reason I sensed a bit of metalcore in their sound.

The production in this is really good, you can hear every instrument and they all hold on to their own, guitars are excellent like in the previous one. Drumming is also very good, not just all blast beats and shit, but still very fast. Their new bassist is also good and Brain Attack is a good example of this (being the only track that he wrote). They should let this guy write more of their tracks. But what really ruins this for me, is the vocals. Now don’t get me wrong I think Antti is a really good vocalist, but I was just waiting for something like in their debut: harsh screams, deep growls and nice cleans thrown together. What we have hear is mostly some screams and a little bit of cleans. Cleans are good but the screams don’t some how just hit the spot in me.

Overall, this is pretty decent offering from such a young band, even though at first I sensed a bit of metalcore in their new sound. Recommended tracks: Make Amends, In Your Name, Dirt Track Speedball, Brain Attack and The Forsaken.

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