Doom, Death and Darkness

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Nom du groupe Ankhagram
Nom de l'album Doom, Death and Darkness
Type Demo
Date de parution 25 Novembre 2005
Style MusicalDoom Atmosphérique
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Re-Issue in 2014 by Satanarsa Records with a different tracklist & cover.
1. Empty Life
2. Illusion of...
3. The Way to Suicide
4. Kingdom of Darkness
5. Forget
6. Unlife
7. Lifeless
8. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)
9. One Step to Hate
10. Vampire Eyes
11. Dark Autumn Night
12. Doomed Veil of Suicide
1. Illusion of...
2. The Way to Suicide
3. Kingdom of Darkness
4. Unlife
5. Lifeless
6. One Step to Hate
7. Vampire Eyes
8. Doomed Veil of Suicide
9. Fly Away
10. Wind of Eternity
11. Fall
12. In Emptiness
13. Buried
14. For Memories

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