Conducting from the Grave

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Nom du groupe Conducting From The Grave
Nom de l'album Conducting from the Grave
Type Album
Date de parution 10 Octobre 2013
Enregistré à Castle Ultimate Studios
Style MusicalDeathcore
Membres possèdant cet album16


 Honor Guide Me!
 The Rise
 The Harvest
 Into the Rabbit Hole
 The Calm Before...
 Monster (Part III)

Durée totale : 43:08

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Conducting From The Grave

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Commentaire @ Orifice

23 Octobre 2013

They Returned, they releaed they blew my mind.

Yes, Yes, Yes. I will be honest I lost faith in the band after the album Revenants. After I was informed that CFTG recently released their 2013 self-titled I was like "Might as well." The first thing I noticed is that their song writting improved a crap load.Second if I'm not mistaken the band got a new vocalist which mingles beautifully with bands style and the addition of the clean vocals were not necessary but it was a good addition.Third the band's signiture guitar "duets" (if you will) which made their debut a hit plus solos. This is a MUST get album. After you listen to this album you'll be like yes, Yes, YES!!! Pretty solid album 18/20

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