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Nom du groupe Bodyfarm
Nom de l'album Bodyfarm
Type EP
Date de parution 2010
Style MusicalDeath Metal
Membres possèdant cet album4


1. Intro / Into Battle
2. Bodyfarm
3. Final Redemption
4. Heartraped
5. Slaves of War

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Chronique @ heavymetaltribune

04 Mai 2011

...excellent for the purpose of spreading their brand of death metal

Netherland's Bodyfarm releases their debut effort, the self-titled EP in 2010, a mere short year after their formation. The opening track, Into Battle is an instrumental track, with an almost heroic and epic feel reminiscent of bands that play the heroic style of folk metal such as Ensiferum, and this certainly gives the listener a high expectation of what's to come, considering the climax that the track has managed to build up.

Unfortunately, as the self-titled track Bodyfarm begins, it gets slightly awkward due to the mixing and the mastering of the album. While the intro track has led the listener to expect for an extremely polished production, what is presented here is a trebly and raw production quality, excellent for the purpose of spreading their brand of death metal. Bodyfarm continues punishing listeners as the heavy starting riffs manage to further build up the climax and the pressure before the band unleashes hell upon the listeners. As soon as the second half of the song begins, all hell is let loose as the band goes into breakneck speed, a tribute to 90s-styled death metal such as Bolt Thrower. The face-ripping Heartraped is particularly memorable with the catchy riffs and the insane speed that the band travels at.

The band, while seemingly paying homage to old-school death metal, also throws in some of their personal flavours to the music, such as on the last few moments of Final Redemption, where the band breaks into a moment of chaos, with constantly shifting tempos, messing with the listener's head all the way until the end.

The only thing that caused the enjoyment of the album to be slightly affected is the mixing of the cymbals on the album, oftentimes threatening to drown out the rest of the instruments, and the under-mixing of the guitars, causing the listener to have to strain in order to catch the brilliant guitar solos on the album.

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