Abominações Cadavéricas no Degredo

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Nom du groupe Disfigured Human Mind
Nom de l'album Abominações Cadavéricas no Degredo
Type Live
Date de parution 25 Avril 2017
Style MusicalGrind Death
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Recorded live Degredo Metal Festival, 27/08/2016.
1. Intro / Richard Kuklinski (The Iceman)
2. Atomic Attack
3. Your Suffer from an Emotional Trauma
4. Killing with Innocence
5. Decapitation
6. Obsessed with Macabre Visions
7. You Don't Understand Nothing About Noise
8. No Human Factor
9. Raped Victims
10. Save the Planet and Kill Yourself Now
11. Total Death, Only for Die, Only for Kill
12. Intro / Ramirez (The Night Stalker)
13. Macabre Mutilation
14. Suffocated Rotten Minds
15. No Rules No Bullshits
16. Coma Atomico
17. Translucid Aborrence
18. Intro / Charles Manson (The Mind)
19. Human Devastation
20. Kill or Die, No Mercy...
21. Mass Murder Attack
22. Atomic Aberration
23. Atomik Attack

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