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Nom du groupe Plasticbag Facemask
Nom de l'album -b-ears!!1!11
Type Album
Date de parution 05 Mars 2010
Style MusicalDeath Grind
Membres possèdant cet album0


1. Somewhere a Clown Is Very Pissed Off at You, Right Now 02:35
2. Brick Wall vs. Black Hole 04:32
3. The Only Thing Better Than a Bear Is a Fire-Breathing Bear 05:16
4. Smooth as a Dead Baby's Bottom 03:09
5. Wilted 01:43
6. Well, Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy the Play? 05:50
7. Dr. Jenkins, the Nuclear Reactor Is Over Reacting! 04:54
8. I Wish Your Mother Had Swallowed You 06:05
9. ______core II 04:19
10. I Will Make You into Luggage 03:54
11. Head on Collision (Apply Directly to the Forehead) 05:56
12. Striking Out with Her Is Like Striking Out in T-Ball 06:01
13. Bloom 04:57
14. I Don't Have Any Straight Faces 05:40
Total playing time 1:04:51
15. J-J-J-Jacob 06:34
16. Squirrel vs. Squirtle Take 2 04:41
Total playing time 1:16:06

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