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After four years of silence, the most polemic Black Metal band of the world is back... and ready to attack the so called Black Metal music of our days, played wordlwide by a bunch of people with painted faces, female vocals, keyboards and Alice Cooper like visuals. Nothing to do with the true and original Black Metal: heavy, strong, fast, and without the commercial interest of the big labels.
When the band began its career back in 1985, SARCÓFAGO soon stood out because of its ideals in the Compilation Warfare Noise I (Cogumelo Records) and in the polemic album released in 1986, INRI, which is considered one of the 10 most important Black Metal albums of the world. Now, when they celebrate their 15 years of activity, SARCÓFAGO returns to its origins and releases an album which contains four tracks that marks clearly their attitude in the beginning of the new millennium. Many may not like it… but will stare amazed, nevertheless, at the speed of the guitars, the insanity of the vocals and the brutality of the craziest drum machine of the planet!
This is their proposal - a fast, violent, raw, aggressive and Crust sound.