Zapreschennaja Realnost'

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Band Name Sergey Mavrin
Album Name Zapreschennaja Realnost'
Type Album
Data de aparición 2004
Labels Irond Records
Estilo MusicalMelodic Heavy
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1. Poka Bogi Spyat
2. Dyavol'skij Vals
3. Padshij
4. Doroga v Raj
5. Svet.T'ma
6. Dobro.Zlo
7. Kto my ?
8. Tajuschij Mir
9. Zapreschennaja Realnost'
10. Rozdennye Zhit'
11. Vse…

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Sergey Mavrin

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Crónica @ Onni

16 Enero 2009
If can be perfect heavy-power metal with lyrics in Russian – I believe this is “Zapreschennaja Realnost'” (Forbidden Reality), an album by the band of Russian guitarist Sergey Mavrin, released back in 2004.

Sergey Mavrin was known first of all by his work in Aria, top Russian heavy metal band. Then by work with ex-Aria’s vocalist Valery Kipelov. And of course by his own band, which first was named Mavrick, later on it’s named by its leader Sergey Mavrin. Some told that record label changed the name because thought that “Mavrick” sounds like a dog’s name... “Zapreschennaja Realnost'” is the fifth album of Sergey Mavrin, and probably the best by now.

Who could describe the secret of good music?.. Music is also an element of our world, like water or wind. It changes from one album to another, although being written by the same person, and different music can be named “good”. We can see it, or better to say we can hear it on albums by S.Mavrin : the sound is different every time, songs vary, vocalists change... Different people would like different songs and albums, but in my opinion “Forbidden Reality” is a great success of musicians. Recognizable solid and massive guitar sound which is based on a strong rhythm section, with melodic sauce of keyboards and powerful clean male vocals – that is excellent mix for heavy-power metal. S.Mavrin artistically operates with different rhythms and tempos, he changes and varies it – you can find even waltz. Sometimes one song smoothly continues with another, drive and dynamic acts change with calm and melodic songs. You wouldn’t be bored, listening to these melodies, solos, magic wide-ranged voice of Artem Styrov.

Album starts with epic and energetic “Poka bogi spyat (While gods are sleeping)” about wandering in the world and finding the right way, continues with “Djavolskij vals (Devil’s Waltz)” – and you will feel how dark forces turn around your life… “Way to Paradise”, “Light.Darkness”, “Good.Evil”, “Who We Are ?” and others will take you to another level, to another – forbidden ! – reality, world of questions and relativity of existence. And in the end – anthem to human “Born To Live”, like the answer to all traditional metal songs about death, and lyrical instrumental song.

Many S. Mavrin’s songs have philosophical lyrics. It’s in Russian, so I’ll tell a bit more for those who doesn’t speak Russian. Many heavy or power metal bands sing about God, the evil, good, paradise, hell and so on, but most of those songs are standard and they don’t give any answers or feelings or revelations. Sergey Mavrin and his music describe the human, human soul, the world, the reality and try to understand what stands behind it. And these thoughts and ideas make his songs more interesting and more beautiful. The guitarist doesn’t state anything ; he just discourses of human life, freedom of choice and different ways I life.
And the music helps the words and shows how different this world can be and how many ways exist. You can also find them… in forbidden reality.

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