Embodiment Of Evil

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Band Name Sermon Of Rot
Album Name Embodiment Of Evil
Type Album
Data de aparición 02 Diciembre 2022
Estilo MusicalDeath Metal
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 Embodiment of Evil
 Diminished Reality
 Cursed Existence
 Retrenched Sanity
 Spiritual Ascension

Total playing time: 26:56

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Sermon Of Rot

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Comentario @ Metal1on1

08 Enero 2023

An Ugly, Punishing Old-school Death Metal

I welcome you to “Sermon Of Rot” with their debut EP release of approximately twenty-six minutes of the runtime of six tracks.

Soon as the listener presses that play button, one is welcome to three elements of extreme “filth”, “atmosphere”, and “dissonance”, three factors that are on full display from start to finish in “Embodiment Of Evil”, that consist of a bold line up of veterans from “Obsidian Hooves”, and “Moldering Vibration” among others -where one starts their journey with the opening piece “Embodiment Of Evil”, which welcomes the listener to a dark atmosphere and piano introduction -follow suit with the remaining opening piece and the last five tracks -where the listener is drag deep within a filthy dissonance atmosphere of death metal that’s ugly and punishing.

As the listener continues their rotting, filth-ridding and dark-dissonance journey into the unknown, -this is how this music feels, with its sound and atmosphere drenched in this rotting filth of (takes a) traditional, no-frills approach to death metal of providing the listener with music that will suffocate the listener’s ears and infest your living soul with its rotting, filth-ridding and dark-dissonance atmosphere— where “Sermon of Rot” draws on the classic sounds and styles of the 90s Finnish death metal, and – (be careful and listen out listeners for note tinges of more expansive) the “Incantation”-influenced death metal sound with “Suffocation’s” progenitors brutal death and technical atmosphere -while there are moments of hearing “Slayer’s” “Tom Araya’s” scream and ” ((now and then pushed in the background) one will hear the famous screeching riffs section, that finishes off the “Angel of Death” song.

With a fantastic balance struck between the three members that ensures that the listener never gets too much of any and just enough of each— a musical spectrum presented with a production and sound that’s well-executed, the composing of the music and instruments all provided and delivered by incredible devilmanship, musicianship and showmanship consisting of Nick and Brandon’ sharing the axe duties of complex/technically guitar playing of crushingly heavy riffage utilising plumbing riffs with reverb-drenched leads, while the thick dirty bass riffage is handled by Nick and Jared on drums and vox consisting of breakneck unrelenting drum strikes and beats and mucus-soaked/filthy guttural vocals.

Sermon Of Rot” is a debut album that is not to be missed for any fans of extreme metal, particularly those who like their music to be ugly and punishing.

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