Nirnaeth (FRA) : Unleash ''Nihil in Me'' Music Video

Sunday 31 July 2016 - 08:34:19 by Hellsheimer

NIRNAETH have just unleashed their brand new music video for the song “Nihil in Me” taken from their forthcoming split 7″ EP with fellow French Black Metalers AZZIARD to be released on August 12.

Produced by France’s Bulldog Productions and filmed in just one day, the grim video perfectly depicts NIRNAETH’s new embodiment seven years after its latest full-length and its orthodox and more straight-to-the-point, even if at time more Thrash-y, dark arts.

The EP, with artwork by Above Chaos (Bethlehem, Tsjuder, Naglfar…), is available for pre-orders in two versions: a 100 copies collector edition solid white vinyl exclusively available from the artists or through the KAOTOXIN SHOP and a 400 copies limited edition black vinyl. A free digital download of the EP is also available at the KAOTOXIN DIGITAL SHOP.


Zigouille – vocals

Mutill – guitars

Malaria – bass

Vagorn – drums


2016 – “s/t” split 7″ w/ AZZIARD

2009 – “Splendour of the Abyss”

2006 – “Thrown Athwart the Darkness”


Official Web site

Nirnaeth @ Facebook

Nirnaeth @ YouTube

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