Invertia (USA) : Announce December Release of 'The Biddings of Tyrants'

Wednesday 19 October 2016 - 19:00:51 by Hellsheimer

New England Industrial Metal Duo INVERTIA will release new album The Biddings of Tyrants on December 9. Following 2014's sophomore tour de force Another Scheme of the Wicked (Ohm Resistance), the forthcoming self-release sees INVERTIA taking its oppressive Industrial Metal to harsh new heights. 

Stream new song "Dystopia," featuring drummer Aaron Rossi (MINISTRY, PRONG), at

The Biddings of Tyrants still retains the INVERTIA sound of industrial black metal with added elements of Death Metal and Hardcore punk.  The album as a whole, musically and lyrically, focuses on the world around us and its effect on the human psyche.  However, each song is a different Bidding from a different Tyrant.

Produced by INVERTIAThe Biddings of Tyrants again features the multi-talented tandem of Dave Coppola (vocals, guitars, bass, FX, samples) and Tim Winson (drum programming, synth, mixing/mastering). The album also features the drumming of Aaron Rossi (MINISTRY, PRONG) and Kevin Talley (SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, SIX FEET UNDER); the former performing on "Dystopiate," "Non-Sunni," and "The Forever Incision," and the latter on "Scatter" and "Not for Taste."

INVERTIA is influenced by many styles of music and many artists, including MINISTRY, ABORYM, MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, GODFLESH, and SKINNY PUPPY, as well as WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS and GEORGE CARLIN.
Track Listing:
1. Another Big Brother
2. Dystopiate
3. Non-Sunni
4. Fleshless In Real Time
5. Thetan Hop
6. The Forever Incision
7. Scatter
8. Not For Taste
9. Existence Exit
10. Trapped & Tailored

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