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Warbringer have their third album out, they are touring almost non-stop, they are already planning their fourth album... When this "young" trash metal band came to Los Angeles to play with Symphony X and Iced Earth, SOM had a chat with the lead singer John Kevill. Check it out!

interview Warbringer (USA)Let’s start by talking about Warbringer. Could you say a few words about your band to the SOM readers?
All right…Well, [I’m] John, singer from Warbringer. We formed in 2004, we play some fast trash metal, and we have 3 albums out, right now in Century Media. That’s the basic info about us…

You guys will be playing here in LA tonight. Southern California is your “home” so… any special plans for tonight?
We are going to do the set we’ve been doing. We have a new member in the band so we can’t vary up the set quite as much as we would like, we have to stick with what we are rehearsed on. It’s a short set on this tour but I think it’s pretty solid. I think more people tonight will probably know us than most of the nights and it should be a pretty good show.

Your guitarist Adam Carrol has left the band recently and Andrew Bennett has replaced him. How has this transition been so far?
It has worked out really well. He came in and auditioned and he already was pretty much 90% nailing the stuff. The shows that we’ve done on this tour kind of wrapped [everything] up. I think we sound about as good as ever now and it keeps getting better. That’s what we always try to do: to sound better than we did the day before. That’s our number one goal.

How does it feel to tour with bands like Iced Earth and Symphony X? How has the tour being so far?
It’s been pretty easy going. Nice guys all around, we’ve been taken care of. Yeah… good times, good shows. The crowds are pretty well responsive… It’s been a good tour all around.

You have played with some pretty “big” bands like Exodus and Kreator. Is it intimidating?
Humm…not really. I mean, when we started I think it was, and then we kind of get used to it. Like anything you do… you kind of get used to it. We got used to playing with bigger headliners who are going to have more fans and stuff.
It’s not a big deal… we are on our stage, our path. There are bands further along their path or less far along. All we can really think about is that we got to work hard and play the best shows that we can. That’s the only thing that I worry about.

#CCCCCC">You guys have been touring for years now, almost no stopping (just a few break here and there). Are you planning to rest a little this year or will 2012 be almost touring non-stop again?
Not a lot of rest. There are a couple of breaks where we might be able to write a couple of songs because we have to start gearing up for our fourth record. We are going to be touring pretty much until the end of the year and then we are going to do the fourth record after that.

You have released “Worlds Torn Asunder” end of last year (2011). Tells us a little bit about it…
Ok. I think it is the tightest, best performed, best produced record we have so far. The lineup that we have on the record is really killer: Carlos [Cruz] added a lot to the drum department, I feel like it’s my best vocal performance. I think all the songs are really consistent. We have some parts that are more reminiscent to the first album, some more reminiscent to the second and some stuff that is not really like either.
It’s a good statement of where the band is right now and we are pretty proud of it all together. And most of the fans seem to like it as well so, it’s cool!

So, if I’ve never heard Warbringer, is “Worlds Torn Asunder” the album I should get to get to know you?
I would say so… yeah. It contains some of everything that we are about.

You guys have signed with Century Media in 2007. What were the major changes for you guys after that happened?
That was like our getaway to go and get on tours and start like actually having the opportunity to go out and work and make our name. They open that whole door by getting our record out there and therefore opened up all the tours that we could do.
It allowed us to basically start, you know, as a professional band and not some dudes in a garage. Because, if you have a record deal what that says to people is that the band is professional enough and has their “shit” together enough to get a record deal. In most people’s minds that means that your likelihood of having a good record is higher than if you don’t have a record deal, I guess. Although there are plenty of bands that are unsigned that still have good records, I have to add that in.

When you hav
interview Warbringer (USA)e a new record out, do you check out the reviews? Have you check the ones for “Worlds Torn Asunder”?
Yeah, of course. You spend a long time working on a record so you are of course curious to see what people say about it. This one got mostly pretty positive reviews. So, I’m pretty happy about that.
There are one or two bad ones. But one of them doesn’t actually discuss the songs that are on the record, so… and it is easy to be very subjective in music and not very objective because it is one of those things. And you know, if someone doesn’t like the record that’s fine. We don’t really write the record for everybody, we write a record that we are going to like and then hopefully other people do as well.

Talking about you now… How did your “life in metal” start?
Oh! I started to listen to metal when I was younger, Black Sabbath and stuff. It was the starting point for me and it went from there. That’s how it started. I just got into this music and eventually the more I was doing it the more I thought that it would be cool to start a band so… I did (laughs).
This [Warbringer] is my first band with John Laux. When we met, that’s really when it started to come together, we started writing songs. We hardly spent any time doing covers, we started writing songs within a week of meeting each other and it went from there. It was a hobby at first but it was one we took pretty seriously.

So, is the band your full time job now?
Yeah… if we weren’t as full time as how we are on tour, we wouldn’t be able to do that. But it’s just because we play so many shows that we are able to kind of keep it going that way. We are able to do it fulltime by literally doing it fulltime.

Now talking about future projects: anything planned for the next few years?
I’m just excited to get working on the fourth record and for some of the tours coming up. The next one in the US is in May with Destruction. That should be pretty cool. Then we are going to European festivals in the summer and we are looking to hit up Central America, South America, Australia and Asia, all this year as well.

Any messages for our reader?
Thanks for reading and see you all on the road somewhere.
Interview done by Deesse_de_la_nuit

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