Napalm Death (VO)

A l’occasion de la sortie de leur nouvel album « Smear Compain », Barney de Napalm Death accepte de nous accorder une interview le 13 novembre dernier à la Poudrière de Belfort, un bel accueil, une ambiance sympathique … Jems de l'émission la colére du peuple sur Radio Campus nous rejoins et c'est parti Trashykiss pose les questions ..

interview Napalm Death> Could you just remember us the origin of the name « Napalm Death » ??
Barney: It’s a horrible though and concept, that’s why we choose to talk about it, we are anti war, and the Napalm is used to make munitions and bombs, you know.

> The French government is putting a brake to the evolution of metal music stages on the territory, what do you think about it?
Barney: You mean that is difficult to have permissions?

> Jems: We have some problems with associations of Christians, like when “Impaled Nazarene” came in France; they had to cancel the show because it was just before a Christian Day, because of their name…
Barney: People like that shouldn’t say to other what they have to do, or what they have to believe in. I mean, you know, if it was something like a fascist movement or some
interview Napalm Deaththing like that, so, I would understand because it’s bullshit polluting thoughts, the same that in Germany, you know….Of course, I don’t agree with them

> Lot’s of people considers Napalm Death like “fathers of extreme music”; are you in agreement with this image?
Barney: WELL!!!! There was a lot of bands before Napalm Death, you know, if you say that Napalm started Grind core, OK, yes, a new style of extreme music, than the other bands before, so this is more an evolution of extreme music, not a creation, you know…

> How do you consider your way since the first album in 1982? Do you think your music is a perpetual evolution or stay in basics influences?
Barney: There is no “starting point” here in music, you know, you just have to remember where you came from and do what you love. First album was a natural processus; no one cou
interview Napalm Deathld imagine that we would be here again now.

> In your new album, “Smear Campaign”, you worked with Anneke Von Giersbergen, how did you have the idea to introduce female voice in your track?
Barney: Only because it was a particular track, with a special feeling, you know, we wanted to work with somebody totally exterior of the band, to give a special soul to the track… Not only because this is a female voice, (we could choose any kid who can do it), just because this was in them of track…

>Will you continue on this way?
Barney; who knows?? We don’t even know how the future will be!!!! Maybe, maybe not…

> A last message for french fan of napalm Death ?
Barney: Yes, thank you first, it was a pleasure!! Thanks for coming at the show, thanks for your support, see ya’!!!!

Interview done by EnGeL+TrashyKiss

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GenitalGrinder88 - 27 January 2007: COOOOL!! Very ThanXX!!

Waiting for a new interviews with similar bands!!
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