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For over 20 years since the band of Poland, led by Grzegorz Kupczyk, officiates in hard rock. A new album was released in 2011. "Ghost of the Universe" is set to be an album that will open horizons.

interview CETI*Hi Grzegorz Kupczyk.

*Can you please introduce yourself and your group «CETI», you are still unknown in French speaking countries.
Well,most of Polish performers is very little known or unknown outside their own country. It's not for me to go into all the reasons, but personally I believe that unlike the Polish market, western music markets protect their own interests and do not allow to be flooded from the outside. CETI has already given concerts in Paris twice, and we were enthusiastically received by the public. The visits took place in 2003 and 2004.You can read about CETI more on page www.ceti-gk.com or www.myspace.com/cetikupczyk Let me add,that the group has been playing for 20 years and has recorded 14 albums,out of which at least 4 are perceived as phenomenal, especially the last one, called "Ghost Of The Universe".

*Your last album is named «Ghost of the Universe». What themes do you approach in this album?
Mainly I am trying to go into the mainstream; the title is a metaphor of our times and contemporary trends - nowadays there is a lot of talk about the end ofthe world etc.,therefore the title. I have always been interested in science-fiction, which is also reflected in the name of the group. I have also wanted the title song to convey the atmosphere of unknown, of infinity; from our perspective the universe is infinite, and so seems to be the ending of the title song. I intended to make it even longer to provoke the fans, but our drummer wanted me to change the decision :)

*What is the strength of the album? What would be its weakness?
Surely the powerful, modern sound would be its strenght, as well as the guitar, which is not lacking the modern climate. We have recorded the whole material in five days! I suppose that the energy which got condensed that way emanates from the speakers to create jus
interview CETIt the right result in the listeners consciousness.

*In 2008, you sang with a symphonic orchestra. What lesson have you retained?
That was a phenomenal experience :)

I have graduated from the vocal department and singing with the symphonic orchestra was nothing strange to me. However,performing with my own, metal band with the orchestra was an entirely different deal. Those performances, as there were several, make fantastic memories. Let me mention that so far, we are the only hard&heavy group in Poland which has ever done that, no other band has dared to make such a bold move.

The greatest experience was the concert celebrating a 100th anniversary of Poznan Opera, with huge audience and a very long standing ovation :)

Piekne przezycie!

*Are you satisfied with the work done by Emi? What makes a good label for you?
Very much so, I'm really glad to be able to work wth them :)

*You had a group called "Turbo", what were the reasons that led you to leave it?
It was mainly the problem of cooperation with Metal Mind Productions company, which was not fair towards Polish performers and was not competent when it came to Polish productions.

Other than that, I was tired of constant problems inside the group.I have already had CETI, which was strong on the market and has been very stable ever since.

*How are your concerts? Do you envisage to come and sing in France or Belgium?
We would love to come and play there again. It would be really great, especially that I have some fantastic memories connected to those countries :)

*Which artists do you admire and why? Which one have the most influence on your music?
Always David Coverdale and Robert Plant, also OZZY and Gillan. David is for me absolutely perfect, I call him the gentelman of the
interview CETI stage. I value Plant for his class and all. There is also an artist whom I adore for all his work - late Polish performer Czeslaw Niemen - absolutely timeless, genious vocalist and composer. Anyone who does not know his work should definetely catch up. I had teh honour to work with him while recording our first album "The Black Rose" in 1989.

*Do you prefer hard rock or heavy metal?
Definetely hard rock, in it there is lots of space to experiment with the arrangement, composition and performance. It is a 'free' style, with room for everything; following the steps of, let's say, Led Zeppelin - country, blues, reagge etc. :) Heavy is a bit more restricted in those matters, although Iron Maiden is one of my favourite bands.

*Have you others current projects or planned?
Not at the moment. We are preparing concerts to promote our last album. Considering the fact that Polish economic situation is extremally difficult, especially when it comes to financing the cultural life or rock music for that matter, we have a lot of work trying to overcome unexpected problems and obstacles.

*Do you want to say a word to our French readers?
First of all, greetings from Poland and from CETI:)

Believe me, I have some magnificent memories connected with France and many friends I have there, and we would be very, very delighted to come to you if we only get invited.I am sure we are going to have lots of fun together :)

Here are some links where you can see the materials from Paris:




*Thank you very much for this interview. I wish you a good continuation.
Thank you :) I hope we will be able to visit and perform for you in Paris for example, just like we did years ago :)
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