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Amoral is a band which was recently heard of mostly in connection with their new album which showed a change of the year. Unfortunately, the singer and the maker of the biggest change Ari Koivunen, who was supposed to be present, couldn’t make it, so all gratitude goes to Ben Varon, the guitarist and the composer.

interview AmoralHow the tour was going on?
The tour’s been going great, we’re having a lot of fun. We have known the Amorphis guys and Before the Dawn before so we’re getting along. And show has been good at the podium. So that’s good.

Tell us something about ‘Show your colors’.
It’s very different from first three albums that we’ve done. It’s all with clean vocals and a new singer but it still has some elements from the old stuff like some interesting technical riffs. But the new album is hard rock mixed with metal. We just play everything we like in music. Just check it out.

After Niko left, did you want somebody to growl again or was it essential for you to look for someone with clear vocals?
We were looking for someone with clean vocals, that was the main thing after Niko left. So we said Ok, let’s try something different and find someone who can sing not just a little bit but can actually really sing.

Were there any other people you were thinking of to have in a singer post or was Ari the only one you thought of?
Oh, there were a couple but nothing too serious. Ari jumped on board pretty early. There were three people that we thought about but it was Ari all the time. We’re sure that he’s gonna be the one.

I’ve heard a few opinions that after the changes that recently happened to the band, you “don’t sound like Amoral anymore.” It is true that the recent album was something really different. Do you already have the feeling that you finally found your real sound or do you still want to experiment?
Of sure that we keep on developing all the time but I don’t know if we found our sound now. I think we had our own sound in our three previous albums. It was a different sound but still much our sound. But yeah, we’re definitely gonna continue in this thing. I don’t know, maybe in three albums from now it’s gonna be all different. But for now it looks like this is what we really wanna do so we’re gonna stick with this for a while.

What I really like about your new album are the choruses. I saw that live you all sing along. Was it a joint work as well on the album?
On the album it’s mostly Ari and our producer Janne Saksa who is a great singer. They did the choruses together. Rest of us, we’re not that good at singing. We just do some of the screaming parts a little bit but in the album there’s no one from the rest of us. In the studio it was basically Ari and Janne. I did just some backing v
interview Amoralocals but mostly it was a work of those two.

Honestly, who was first a fan of whom – Amoral of Ari or Ari of Amoral?
Ari was a fan of Amoral first. He was coming to a bunch of our shows and some afterparties, hanging out with us. I’ve always liked his singing but his solo songs weren’t that good for me. So yeah, he was Amoral fan.

Do you already have anything new for an album? Any new materials or ideas?
Yes, there’s a lot of ideas. I have two or three songs already. The guys haven’t heard them yet. I’m sure they’re gonna like them. So we have a lot of stuff cooking and I can’t wait to get back home and start writing the music. I’m sure we’re gonna report it next year.

Were there any funny moments during this tour?
Yeah, there’s been a few already and it’s only been a week so far on this tour! So let’s see... Few nights ago in Germany, Hannover, Ari was wearing a Burzum t-shirt, the black metal band from Norway, and we didn’t know that in Germany, the Germans really think of them as a nazi band. And we heard whole evening after the show “Guys, great show, but what’s with the nazi shirt?” and we were like “What?” so we had to apologise on the website like Sorry guys, we have nothing to do with that crap.

And other than that... Well, let me see... Yeah, or driver left the keys inside the car. We had to break a window to get in. So we had to break into our own car in the middle of the night. And the cops didn’t care, they just looked at us and passed over. So we had to break a window. So let’s see what happens for the rest of the tour.

Where do you get your best ideas from?
You mean for music? Pretty much anywhere, the situations from life, usually for the lyrics, whatever happens in life, good or bad. And for music it’s usually just sitting down home and playing guitar a little bit by yourself. This can be cool to start working.

You guys also played few gigs in Japan. I guess they must have liked you. What is the biggest difference between playing for European fans and Japanese ones?
Japan was crazy! It was in 2006 and we were a really small band. We still are but especially then. And they treated us like we were The Beatles of something, just crazy. Running after the car, screaming, wanting all those photos. They were really polite and nice but they really idolize the band when they go there. It was so cool, it was sold out and they treated us really nice. I can’t wait to get back to Japan.

interview Amoralnt size="3" color="#CCCCCC">Honestly, don’t you think that even being from Finland is an advantage itself? The amount of “suomifilians” among metalheads is almost terrifying.
Yeah, there’s a lot of Finnish bands, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but the people start to get tired of “Oh, you’re from Helsinki, wow, that’s special.” But I still don’t think that it’s so bad. Either way, the band has to be good so people like it. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Sweden or Czech Republic of Poland. If music sucks, it doesn’t save you if you’re from Finland. But it’s good that there’s lot of good bands coming from Finland which inspires a lot of young bands to work harder and write better songs. So that’s the reason I think.

What amorality you really disapprove?
In usual life it’s all the racism stuff, all the nazi things. We really have no sympathy for this kind of people or ideas. We don’t like people judging other people just because of the way they look or like that. I just think that you should let everybody do their thing and if you don’t do anything bad to me I have no problem with you.

Make a short advertisement for your band – convince me to buy your CD or go to your gig.
Our new album Show Your Colors is one of the best rock-metal albums you could hear in the years. It has everything from great vocals, great choruses, interesting metal riffs. And yeah, I think it’s one of the best albums that have been released for a long while. And you have to visit a lot of shows to really appreciate it. You’ll see and know what I mean.

What does a Spirit of Metal mean to you?
I just think that metal is a part of rock music in general and spirit of rock music for me is just having good time with a bunch of your friends, just playing, making songs, touring, seeing a world, having a good time. Just enjoying life and writing songs with your best friends. It’s the coolest thing you can do.

Just a question by the way – Who is responsible for your logo?
You mean the skull? It was actually a friend of mine who came out with it. We were designing our first t-shirts and he just said “What do you think of this?” and I thought It’s so fucking cool! We got to use that! It was a guy called Aki Siltala, a great friend of mine.

Anything you’d like to add?
I hope to see as many of you tonight here as possible and check the album out! It’s gonna surprise you. It’s a good record. And I hope to see you all again soon.

Interview done by Nastasia


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