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Fury'n'Grace began to take shape in 1994 as an early project of Matteo Carnio (Guitar) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Keyboards), fifteen-year-old mates with very different -yet very intriguing- musical training and tastes.

The former draw nourishment from early '90 grind/death (Slayer/Carcass/Napalm Death/Entombed) and 'high' experimental music (John Zorn/Naked City) of the same period.

The second has a more classic -and straight rock- view (Queen/Rainbow/Whitesnake).

They find in neoclassical heavy rock the common ground, in virtuosity and baroque-like musical forms the reason for their first creative attempts. Deep Purple and Malmsteen are the true opportunity for their inspiration - that soon will melt with progressive metal (Dream Theater/Symphony X) that was about to come in those days.

Kiske "Wrathlord", well known drummer (Doomsword/Gjallarhorn/Fiurach), joined the band.

Being a death/grind follower ( Carcass blessing another existence ) he seemed to be attracted by the prog side of the project, foreboding of a darker evolution.

Lorenzo Bassignani, a bass player with jazz and fusion interests.

And they find in Gabriele Grilli (later in Doomsword for their cult debut in 1999, as 'Nighcomer') the only voice possible. His great, unique expressive strength it's the perfect fulcrum of the project. Echoes of Dickinson in his style, he grew up with progressive rock of the '70 (Pink Floyd/Jethro Tull/King Crimson/E,L&P) and, of course, Iron Maiden.

Their first demo (Theory, 1995) featured a second keybord player: Stefano Di Garbo. In the second demo (Loth Lorien, 1996), Di Garbo was no longer in the band.The music is refined again and again and the project becomes a little cult through their live performances. Each member contributes to the originality of the music - yet they would find only years later a definitive balance, in composition and choices. Every song is already a long and complex suite that grows, through the years, in intensity and 'justification' (despite some naivety). Technicality plays an important role - virtuosity, as a necessary step through musicality, must explode and decay to find its true role in the economy of composition.

The sign of a first contract leads to nothing.

The album (Mephisto's Waltz, 1998 - unpublished) is the result of the first 4 years of the project. Nonetheless the band works on new songs. Darker melodies and arrangements take place of light naiveties. Dramatic compositions take form, more complex and violent.

Bassingnani leaves the band and Christian Grillo (Gjallarhorn/Edge of Forever) joins in.

He is also responsible for the new direction of the composition, due to his musical training (Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Type 0 Negative). Four years have passed, antother contract is offered to the band.

The second album (Inferno, 2003 - unpublished) follows the same fate of the first.

Economical reason prevent the label from publishing and supporting the album. In the same time Del Vecchio starts a new project together with Carnio and Grillo: Edge of Forever is the melodic and easy side of the musicians, that can't find no more place in Fury'n'Grace compositions. They record two albums that both find publication:
Feeding the Fire, MTM 2004 was produced by Marcel Jacob (Malmsteen, Talisman) and features Bob Harris (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) and Jeff Scott Soto.
Let the Demon Rock'n'Roll, MTM 2005 was recorded in New Orleans, produced by Bobby Barth (Axe, BlackFoot).
This seemed to be a stalemate for Fury'n'Grace.

But it was resolved in the first months of 2005: Del Vecchio leaves the band.

The band has now the opportunity to find its true balance and shape its ultimate vision. No more keyboards means a further radicalization of the sound and composition. Fury'n'Grace can work on a true revolution in its musical and litterary possibility. Subjects and harmonies melt in a new, scary incarnation: eventually open to maturity and expunged from whatever naivety.
The very first inspirations of every member comes to surface.

Technicality -already explored and lived- becomes an automatism (and not the mere and "easy" purpose of many beginnings). It's a musical research: through choises, style and literary themes the band tries to return the suggestion they are and live. Whatever can bewitch, its pure magic. Being medium is trying to return a spellbiding vibe that we're visited by. Tales Of The Grotesque And The Arabesque, Dragonheart 2007, wants to be such vision. It's the result of a year of hard work that, through many obstacles, the band, in the persons of Carnio, Grilli, Kiske Wrathlord and Grillo succesfully shaped and recorded.

It's a self-portait of the most lucid honesty, that grows on you every time you listen to it (being truly open to it), since nothing is programmatic, sterile and artificial.
A debut album, after 12 years of experience: a unique artistic endeavour of a rare evocative strength.

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