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Biography : Dol Ammad

Born from the mind of Thanasis Lightbridge during the end of the 90s and perfected during 2000-2002 the DOL AMMAD experience is truly something unique! Being a fan of both Metal and Electronica music, Thanasis set target to create a new type of music, one that would please fans both from the aforementioned genres and anyone else looking for something fresh, adventurous and experimental, a new sound!

The music of DOL AMMAD follows no standard song-structure and can't be categorized easily. The music is characterized as "Electronica-Art-Metal" and it is highly descriptive and unpredictable, hence the "art" character to it. It can sound like music from other galaxies, it can be epic, minimalistic, soundtrack-like, ethereal, fierce, energetic, optimistic and pessimistic, there are no rules and there will never be. The spectrum of influences is so wide that one can even find moments of trance, new age, Black Metal, Ethnic and Jazz! Heavy Metal, however, is always the base of all the aural explorations of DOL AMMAD.

The DOL AMMAD project took off with a 4 track instrumental demo CD in 2001 intended only as a tester for record labels. With the new demo in 2002, having added a 11-piece professional classical choir, newly recorded guitar, bass and drum tracks, DOL AMMAD have received very positive feedback from the media (Metal Hammer Greece :Release of the month 9/10, Metal Abyss webzine: Surprise Of the month 9/10, Metal Eagle webzine: 8,5/10, Tombstone webzine: 9/10, The Metal Observer: 8,5/10) and currently DOL AMMAD are looking for people in the music industry eager to embrace and share the DOL AMMAD vision in order to co-operate into publishing this new art!