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Biography : Angel's Perfect Dream

Angel's Perfect Dream is a band of four fallen angels from Skofja Loka. Reincarnated in organic shells they are imprisoned on life on earth. Their unpower and lust for forbidden love are expressed in the only way they know, with music. They are discovering the limits of life on earth, but in meantime they are still devoted to ecstasy of the otherworld that it is so unreachable for them. Music is the only way to connect themselves with the world they belong to.
Musically they are hardwired to rock, with harder tunes and glimpse of melancholy. Songs are swinging from desperation to eternal hope. Personally reflected lyrics are dealing with overcoming issues of life. Reflecting bitternes with melacholic melodies are indicateing on the final win of life, here ...on earth.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/angelsperfectdream