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    Shadow (USA) (Heavy Metal-USA) - Other name : ex-Brain Damage
    Shadow Child (Melodic Death-Malaysia) - Other name : Shadow Child
    Shadowicon (Symphonic power-Slovenia) - Other name : Shadow Icon
    Shadow Law (Melodic Power-United-Kingdom) - Other name : SL
    Shadowlord (NL) (Melodic Death Black-Netherlands) - Other name : Shadow Lord
    Rising Shadows (Gothic Dark-Sweden) - Other name : ex-Shadow Of The Concealed
    X-Piral (Symphonic Heavy-Greece) - Other name : ex-Shadow Play
    Shadow Theory (Progressive Metal-USA) - Other name : The Shadow Theory
    Balberith (Black Metal-Singapore) - Other name : ex-Shadow Throne
    Shadowdances (Death Doom-Lithuania) - Other name : Conscious Rot
    Horna (Black Metal-Finland) - Other name : ex-Shadowed
    Shadowmare (Technical Thrash-Portugal) - Other name : Técnica da Força
    Shadows Decay (Thrash Metal-Costa-Rica) - Other name : ex-Preoptic Distortion
    Torn (Death Metal-Finland) - Other name : ex-Imposed Silence, ex-Shadows Of Sunset
    Amphitrium (Black Death-Switzerland) - Other name : ex-Shadows Of The Wood, ex-Haze, ex-Amphitryon
    Shadowseer (Power Metal-USA) - Other name : ex-Prophecy