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    Satan (JAP) (Visual Kei-Japan) - Other name : ex-Schwarz Lilie, The Living Dead
    SIMB (Stoner-Netherlands) - Other name : Satan Is My Bitch
    Satan Jokers (Heavy Metal-France) - Other name : SJ, ex-Jarretelles
    SDI (Thrash Speed-Germany) - Other name : Satan's Defloration Incorporated
    Heavenly (Melodic Power-France) - Other name : ex-Satan's Lawyer
    SVEST (Black Metal-France) - Other name : Satanas Vobiscum Et Spiritum Tuo
    Hermaphrodit (Death Grind-Czech-Republic) - Other name : ex-Satanchist
    Darktempered (Brutal Black-Hungary) - Other name : ex-Satanic Art
    In Staid Grace (Progressive Black-USA) - Other name : ex-Satanic Dirge
    Warlock 666 (Black Metal-Russia) - Other name : ex-Necrogod, ex-Satanic Goat Sabbat
    Satanik (Technical Death-Bangladesh)
    Arisk Priest (Pagan Folk-Russia) - Other name : ex-Satanist
    SMACK (BRA) (Hard Rock-Brazil) - Other name : Satanist Magicians And Chaotic Knights
    Atheretic (Technical Death-Canada) - Other name : ex-Satanized