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    Raven (NOR) (Black Metal-Norway) - Other name : ex-Ravn
    Grai (Pagan Folk-Russia) - Other name : Graj, ex-Raven Blood
    Raven Legacy (Symphonic Black-Italy) - Other name : ex-Lord Of Terror
    Incrypt (Thrash Metal-Australia) - Other name : ex-Raven Mad
    Raven Throne (Pagan Black-Belarus) - Other name : Raventhrone
    Raven's Hill (Black Metal-France) - Other name : ex-Eurynome
    Ravenage (Folk Death-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ex-Heathen Foray
    Valcyrion (Progressive Death-Germany) - Other name : ex-Ravenclaw, ex-Arctic Raven
    Ravenface (Metalcore-United-Kingdom) - Other name : RF
    Ravenia (Symphonic Metal-Finland)
    Darkstorm (Black Metal-Poland) - Other name : Ravenlord Darkstorm
    Cryhavoc (Heavy Death-Finland) - Other name : ex-Preprophecy, ex-Ravensfall
    Sennedra (Atmospheric Doom-Canada) - Other name : ex Ravenshade