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    Fagyhamu (Pagan Black-Hungary) - Other name : ex-Moon Clan
    Moon Kana (Gothic Electro-Japan) - Other name : Kana
    Moonfall (Melodic Death-Canada) - Other name : ex-Dark Empalor, ex-Opfers, ex-Asunders
    Moonlight Agony (Symphonic Metal-Sweden) - Other name : ex-Thorin, ex-Moonlight Sonata
    Moonlit (GER) (Folk Metal-Germany) - Other name : ex-Slingshot, ex-The Effigy
    Moonlit Wake (Atmospheric Black-USA) - Other name : ex-Winter Without End
    Artemisia (Death Doom-Italy) - Other name : ex-Moonrise
    Eldereon (Black Death-Spain) - Other name : ex-Nekrom, ex-Moonshine
    Moontower (Black Metal-Poland) - Other name : Funeral Moon
    MoonWay (Atmospheric Doom-Belarus) - Other name : ex-Abisso Viola