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    Lord Azmo (Doom Metal-Jordan) - Other name : Lord Ammar
    Ghazghkull (Black Metal-Spain) - Other name : ex-Lord Arhawn
    Black Imperium (Black Metal-Puerto-Rico) - Other name : ex-Lord Arknum
    Antrum Mortis (Symphonic Black-France) - Other name : Lord Daemones
    Dark (Black Death-Spain) - Other name : Lord Dark
    Lord Divine (Progressive Power-Argentina) - Other name : LD
    Laghorny (Porno Gore Grind-Tunisia) - Other name : ex-Gorgon, ex-Gory Gorgon, ex-Lord Gore, ex-Dr. Gore
    Vargr (Industrial Black-Sweden) - Other name : Lord Nordvargr
    Tourment Noir (Symphonic Black-Canada) - Other name : ex-Lord Of Chaos
    Raven Legacy (Symphonic Black-Italy) - Other name : ex-Lord Of Terror
    Lord Rot (Death Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : Lord:Rot
    Lord Salokin (Thrash Black-Brazil) - Other name : Heavy Insanity
    Lordchain (Metal-USA) - Other name : ex-Eternity
    Lordi (Hard Rock-Finland)
    Lordren (Melodic Power-Switzerland)
    The Legend (Hard Rock-USA) - Other name : Dragonfly, Lords of London, The Jimerfield Legend
    Behexen (Black Metal-Finland) - Other name : Lords Of The Left Hand
    Lordz (Power Metal-Canada)