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    Evil (DK) (Speed Heavy-Denmark) - Other name : ex-Never Mind
    Evil Circle (Death Metal-Indonesia) - Other name : ex-Inner Self
    Evil Damn (Death Metal-Peru) - Other name : Evildamn
    Odium (RUS) (Death Metal-Russia) - Other name : Evil Death
    EvilEye (Thrash Metal-Australia) - Other name : Evil Eye
    END (CRO) (Thrash Neo-Croatia) - Other name : Evil Never Dies
    Thrashback (Thrash Metal-France) - Other name : ex-Evil One
    Errorgod (Death Metal-Denmark) - Other name : Evil pigs
    Evil Spell (Thrash Black-Italy) - Other name : EvilSpell
    Varua Ino (Thrash Neo-Other) - Other name : Evil Spirit
    Evil Twins (Thrash Death-Switzerland) - Other name : ET
    AEgre (Symphonic Black-Italy) - Other name : ex-Evil Whisper
    Evilion (Symphonic Metal-Finland)
    Evilyn (Progressive Death-USA)