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    END (CRO) (Thrash Neo-Croatia) - Other name : Evil Never Dies
    Doomsayer (Death Thrash-Italy) - Other name : ex-END, ex-Merciless
    End Of Hope (Melodic Death-Portugal) - Other name : EOH
    End Of Man (Thrash Metal-Philippines) - Other name : EOM
    End Reality (Experimental Metal-France) - Other name : ER
    End Soteria (Melodic Death-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ES
    End1 (Death Metal-Russia)
    End7 (Nu Metal-Finland)
    Endark (Death Metal-Colombia) - Other name : Endark
    Endart (Death Metal-Germany)
    Endast (Melodic Death-Canada)
    Enddarm (Deathcore Thrash-Germany)
    Ende (Black Metal-France)
    Ended (Hard Rock-Sweden)
    Endera (Gothic Metal-Poland)
    Ending (Deathcore-Macedonia)
    Enditol (Progressive Metal-Canada)
    Potter St. Cloud (Heavy Rock-USA) - Other name : Endle St. Cloud, Endle St. Cloud In The Rain
    Wall Of Death (Death Metal-Portugal) - Other name : ex-Endless Dyskinesia
    Endlessnight (Gothic Death-Colombia) - Other name : Endless Night
    Endo (Nu Metal-USA)
    Endora (Melodic Death-France)
    Endoras (Power Metal-Switzerland)
    Endpoint (Noise Hardcore-USA) - Other name : ex-Deathwatch
    EndUpDead (Metal-Finland) - Other name : ex-Pig Killer
    Endusk (Alternative Metal-Australia)
    Endvra (Dark Ambient-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ex- AbRAXAS
    Endymion (NL) (Industrial Electro-Netherlands) - Other name : ex-Teknoid