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    Demon Kogure (Metal-Japan) - Other name : Demon Kakka, Takashi Kogure, HE, Exclamation !
    Demon Pact (NWOBHM-United-Kingdom) - Other name : Feneris Wolf
    Demonancy (Black Metal-Austria) - Other name : ex-Zerfall
    Demonation (Black Metal-Brazil) - Other name : Demonation (BRA)
    Demonia (Atmospheric Gothic-Italy)
    Demonic (Black Metal-Norway) - Other name : ex-Demonic Manifesto
    Once Divine (Fusion-Australia) - Other name : ex-Wandy & The Shitkickers, ex-Demonikus
    Demonist (Symphonic Black-Czech-Republic)
    Frozen Infinity (Melodic Death-Germany) - Other name : ex-Tears Of Fate, ex-Demonseed, ex-Gates Of Dawn
    De Mont (Hard FM-Australia) - Other name : Demont / D'Mont
    Demonyo (Black Metal-Philippines)