K'noup Tomopoulos

Name K'noup Tomopoulos
Birth date 04 October 1975
Country Greece
City Kastoriá
  • Neurobox

  • K’noup was born on Oct. 4 1975 in a small city in the northern parts of Greece called Kastoria, a city known for its fur industry and its laid back lifestyle. “Much of my attitude is derived from those back home, we are all lucky to be alive and for the most part we are healthy, so why not take it easy then and do what you love.” Yet much of his passion for his music is also a reflection of his father’s hard work to raise a family. “My father worked as an entrepreneur and moved my family to New York when I was only a toddler to better our future, we had nothing and he worked his tail off to get us somewhere, I take that attitude into my music.”