Name Reginald
Birth date 1969
Country USA
City Unknown
  • Korn

  • Reginald "Fieldy/Reggie" Arvizu (born November 2, 1969 in Bakersfield, California) is the bass guitar player for the band Korn.

    Prior to Arvizu's time in Korn, he and Brian Welch- who would later become one of Korn's two guitarists (alongside James Shaffer- had played together in a number of bands, having become friends whilst still at school. Upon their graduation from high school, Arvizu, Brian, drummer David Silveria and James relocated from Bakersfield to Los Angeles and formed L.A.P.D (the name first stood for "Love and Peace, Dude", but this abbreviation was later changed to "Laughing At People Dying"). Although L.A.P.D. did succeed in signing a record deal, their success was limited until the band hired singer Jonathan Davis and changed their name to Korn.

    The name "Fieldy" is said to have come about as an abbreviation for "Garfield", based on the comic strip character of the same name. Originally, his band mates called him "Gopher", due to his large cheeks. Gopher became "Gar", Gar became Garfield, which became Fieldy. His full moniker is "Fieldy Snuts", which when spoken aloud sounds like "Feel these nuts", or "Fieldy's nuts". This is also the name of his record label.

    He plays a 5-string Ibanez model SDGR SR5005, named the K-5, which is his signature bass.

    His playing style consists of slapping, double slapping, double-popping, standard finger-style plucking, and palm muting; his standard tuning is: A, D, G, C, F.

    Fieldy is the only left handed member of Korn, yet he plays the bass right handed. The majority of Fieldy's bass riffs are hip-hop inspired. He says he gets inspiration from anything hip-hop. On the business side of Korn, Fieldy is responsible for all Korn merchandise, its buying and selling. He will come up with a number of designs, shows them to the band and they either approve or disapprove.

    Fieldy has stated that his favorite Korn songs are "Freak on a Leash" and Coming Undone.

    In addition to Korn, he has a rap side project called Fieldy's Dreams. He has released one album, Rock'n Roll Gangster.

    Fieldy married his girlfriend Deena Beber on Tuesday, 16th of May 2006. Korn's guitarist, Munky played nylon guitar at the wedding. It is her first marriage and his second. Fieldy has two daughters, Serena and Olivia Arvizu, from his first marriage from Sheela Arvizu; he and his current wife Deena had a son earlier this year and named him Israel.

    Fieldy has stated this on his second album still in the works: "I'm working on another solo record," says Fieldy. "It's heavy, man. It's gonna be totally the flipside of Fieldy's Dreams." Fieldy will be working alongside producer Polarbear on his new solo project, whom also contributed to "Rock N Roll Gangster." "I've got about eight songs, instrumentals with hooks in them," Fieldy said. "I'm singing and it's just more heavier hardcore, not really like the goofy, funny rap thing." There is no current release date for the album, as Fieldy is fully focused on Korn right now. He was chosen bassist of the year 2005 in UK's Metal Hammer Reader's Poll.

    Fieldy is currently working with independent rap artist Q Unique, Sevendust and Dark New Day guitarist Clint Lowery on a side project called "Capital Q". The song "Killing Myself To Live" can be heard on their myspace page, the album does not yet have a release date, for it is still in the works.

    Taken from Wikipedia