Björn Gelotte

Name Björn Gelotte
Birth date 1975
Country Sweden
City Unknown
  • In Flames

  • His life :
    Björn Gelotte (born in 1975) is a songwriter and guitarist for the Swedish band In Flames. He joined the band as the drummer in 1995 and continued his position as drummer during The Jester Race and Whoracle. Gelotte switched to his current position on guitars after Niklas Engelin left the band.

    Other :
    Before joining In Flames, Björn Gelotte was a member of Sights.

    He is currently involved in a side project called All Ends, which he and his In Flames bandmate Jesper Strömblad write the songs for. Björn's sister is one of the singers for All Ends. Neither of them plan to play in the side project live due to In Flames' demanding schedule.

    His equipment :
    The guitar used by Björn Gelotte is a Gibson Les Paul Custom with EMG 85 active humbuckers. He uses ESP Eclipse guitars as well. He also uses Peavey 5150 II amp heads and now 6505 series, POD XT and other Line6 equipment, Elixir custom strings, and Jim Dunlop plectrums. On the older In Flames records, both Björn and co-guitarist Jesper Stromblad tuned their guitars C,F,Bb,Eb,G,C. On the new records they use this same tuning with the lowest string dropped to Bb.