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Band Name The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
Album Name Invivo[Exvivo]
Type Album
Released date 22 October 2013
Music StyleDeathcore
Members owning this album11


 Fertile Steps
 False Awakening
 A Dime a Dozen
 The Face
 Haste Makes Waste
 Ego Death

Total playing time: 40:20

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The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Review @ xHardcoreFreakx

13 April 2014

Totally worth getting and owning

The Last Ten Seconds of Life is one of my favorite bands of all time. And honestly, The Last Ten Seconds of Life is one of the farthest things from mainstream deathcore. I starting listening to "Warpath" before I had even thought about listening to "Invivo[Exvivo]" and for a while I thought "Warpath" was the better of the two. But that was before I had listened to this album.

Now "Warpath" was a good album. There was a lot about it that made it a great. But "Invivo[Exvivo]" truly took their music to the next level. It even sounded like there was more effort that went it to it. And what makes this album so good is the fact that almost every song is amazing in its own way. And the singles off this album aren't the only good songs. You have to look past the singles to truly appreciate this album.

Guitar: The first song "Fertile Steps" is a great start to this album. It opens up with a very heavy riff and turns into a true deathcore song. Unlike a lot of mainstream songs of this genre, this song, like a lot of songs off this album, uses a lot of the frets and not so much of the open strings themselves. There only a few songs that use a lot of the open 6th string. You can even find some chords, a good chunk of which that are diminished and minor chords, and the usage of good dissonance. The song finishes with an amazing breakdown that completes the song. Now lets move over to song number three "A Dime A Dozen". This song is the song that does use the open 6th, but at the same time it uses a lot of the frets, like I had mentioned before. Both the 3rd and 2nd song of this album are relatively short. Both being under 3 minutes. The fourth song "Numbskull" is probably one of my favorite songs of this album. The guitar riffs vary from fast and melodic to slow and what you could call brutal. "Numbskull" even has one or two spots where it gets a bit technical. The breakdown at the end brings us home and it is a great way to end the song. Now the sixth song of this album, "Morality", changes it up little bit.

The songs open up with an almost rock n' rock based guitar riff. This is one of the few songs where you'll here chords and the good dissonance. As the songs continues, it throws a lot of hardcore style influences in it. Two - Step rhythms and the use of power chords centered around the root key. Now just as you think it has come to its final cadence, it throws one more breakdown at you before the end. This is one of the longer songs off the album, going for about 4 1/2 minutes. "Haste Makes Waste", number 7, is another of my personal favorites of this album. The guitar work isn't to complicated, but its very heavy and melodic. This song also adds a lot of very nice intervals, like the minor 6th and the diminished 5th, which gives an almost minor sound. At the end, there is a very short interlude that used minor chords. The album finished with "Ego Death". Now this is also the longest song on the album, running about 7 1/2 minutes, is mostly and instrumental piece. This songs does a very nice job of rapping up the album. It combines the heavy breakdowns with the minor melodic riffs. Throughout the whole album the guitar work is very good and isn't very repetitive. The Guitar tone is amazing and the instrumentation is truly beyond the works of most typically deathcore bands. It seemed like there was a lot more work put into it. 18/20 for guitar work.

Vocals: The vocals throughout this album were very nice in opinion. There was a good balance between death growls and high vocals. A few parts where there were two vocal lines. Very nice control and very good range. The main vocal use was a lower to mid range and normally growls were used during breakdowns. For example, number 7 "Haste Makes Waste". But one of the coolest things I heard was in the first song "Fertile Steps" where the guitar cut out and the vocals had its own little solo line. The same thing appeared in number 4 "Numbskull". Overall the vocals were recorded very well and I give props to Storm for his control and Range. Although they did sound somewhat like the vocals on "Warpath", vocals were very well done. 19/20 for vocal works.

Drums: Overall the drums were't very complex. Usually following along with the guitar rhythms. Blast beats were few and short, but they were there. Number 3 ,"A Dime A Dozen", opens with a full out attack from the drums. The only other part is towards the end of number 1 "Fertile Steps". The drums on this album have some spots throughout the album where it gets technical. The most notable being number 4 "Numbskull" during the first breakdown, and number 5 "The Face" towards the ending breakdown. Drums on this this album were overall simple, but recorded very well. 16/20 for drum work.

Bass: Bass was really just bass. It followed the guitar riffs and kinda kept to itself. Not much to grade of it.

Overall, most off the work on this album lies in the guitars and the vocals. It was definitely a step up from their previous album "Warpath". I am really excited to see the next album they put out. Hopefully it will be more technical. But still, this album is amazing. This is one of the greatest albums I've listen to. Totally worth getting and owning. 18/20 for this album.

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