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Saturday 30 July 2011 - 00:31:59
What are your methods and tactics to make it through the Endless waves of Zombies!

Saturday 30 July 2011 - 18:56:16

Saturday 30 July 2011 - 21:45:08
In Black Ops I have several things. I only play the first map you get so these tactics don't work on any others.  First get revive and the first rifle in the main room. Chill in the main room till round 3 then open the Bottom door in the middle of round 4 so not a lot of zombies come through the windows in the next area.  Keep doing this until circle around and find the box (if you don't find it then just keep getting weapons off the wall til you do). If you play as a team never let them slow you Down, if they are Down they are done (thats why I play alone). Get the guns you want from the box then turn on the power. Get juggernaut for sure and speed cola (double tap is optional). Basically from there just keep running in the big circle until every zombie that can Spawn is right behind you and shoot them until you've killed a good amount of them. Keep doing this and keep upgrading guns, if you do this correctly you don't even have to Down zombies with grenades. It's just really basic stuff, don't camp otherwise your fucked. The idea is to just keep moving and by myself I have made it to round 32.

Wednesday 03 August 2011 - 09:49:53
Well, on Kino this is what I do.

Once I'm in the map I don't automatically go to the revive machine because I don't think it's needed until round 6/7 because even if you Die, it's not really a big hassel. I don't buy any guns at all in the main room. I just knife. Also, never ever shoot the zombies then knife them, just knife them. Why? because you need to conserve your ammo just in case you don't get a max ammo. Trust me, it could save your life.

Rather than going downstairs (like what Extrememetal did). I go upstairs and into the mp40 room. I buy the mp40 and I usually chill out near the round table to the left of you when you first get downstairs. In this position, you keep an eye of the stairs, the window straight ahead of you and the stairs to your left can be your emergency scape goat. I try and stay there until level 8 at the most or until I have enough money. to get to the stage.

Ok, after the mp40 room, I run through the dressing room and straight on the stage. The dressing room to me, is a death trap, there are no places to run if you are in an emergency. Once at the stage, I stay there until I have enough money to get Juggernog. Juggernog is essential if you want to Survive, unless to are t00 c00l to use it and can fend for yourself. Once I have the juggernog, I will most likely be almost out of ammo. Whatever you do, do not go back through the dressing rooms. You can easily get caught Down there. Instead, go the long way around back through the starting room. You can also get a huge zombie train following you as well.

There comes a time when the mp40 isn't making too much of an effect on the zombies. When this happens, you have two options. You can either take pot shots at the Random weapons box or buy something off the wall. Although I cannot tell you want you are going to get out of the box, i can tell you what guns to buy off the wall. I recommend two guns, the first GUN is the AK-74u from the alley and the M16. Why? first of all, the AK-74u can easily be replaced with something like a HK or an RPK from the box. But if you get crappy guns from the box, get the AK-74u. First you must pack-a-punch the AK so it's more powerful and everything. Then once you have enough money, pack-a-punch the M16. The M16 because fully automatic and is has a n00b t00b attatched to it. Now you can buy ammo off the wall rather then shooting for the box.

I do a loop around the map. As soon as a round start. I try and do a couple of laps on the stage to round up some zombies. Once I have enough of them, I use the teleporter and throw grenades Down to Kill the zombies. Then, once I'm back on the Floor, I stand there and wait for the zombies to come out. I don't stay long because they appear from other places after a while. Then I leg it upstairs and shoot through the small hallway just after the first electric trap. Then I don't stop until I have reached the stage. Once there I just keep shooting and repeat the previous steps.

If you want to get to the top of the alley, into the room where the meteor is. Don't get there through the stage. Go there through the alley, because if you open that door, you wont be able to round up zombies as easily.

Also, you can buy a shit load of claymores and just place them where the beams face the wall. This Means you can get as many as you like and have access to it as many times as you like. Also, when you have enough, it is fun to just make a Gauntlet for them to run though.

Well thats what I do, and it managed to get me up to round 35