Grave Ritual >> Grave Ritual : Morbid Throne Album Streaming in Full
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Saturday 24 October 2015 - 09:49:27

Morbid Throne, the upcoming new album from Alabama Death Metallers GRAVE Ritual, is now streaming in its Entirety on Dark Descent Records' Bandcamp page:

Five years removed from their acclaimed debut album, the maniacs of Grave Ritual have re-emerged from The Crypt with Morbid Throne. The band's newest Burnt Offering delivers Nine tracks of Blasphemous, old-school death Metal in the vein of Incantation, Death and Autopsy. Dark Descent Records will release Morbid Throne October 30 on CD, LP and digital formats. Cover art for the album was done by Daniel Desecrator.

Formed from the Ashes of Alabama bred duo Meathole Infection in 2009, Grave Ritual's sole purpose is to create dark and primitive death metal. The band's self-titled demo was released in 2009. A year later, Dark Descent Records released Grave Ritual's first full-length album, Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death. Since the release of their debut album, Grave Ritual HAS focused on perfecting their devastating live assaults, sharing the stage with such bands as Proclamation, Revenge, Black Witchery, and Inquisition. They have played Rites of Darkness II and III, as well as several appearances at Destroying Texas Fest. The band is now stationed in New Orleans.  

Morbid Throne track listing:

1. Baleful Aversion
2. Autonomous Death
3. Adversary Crown
4. Invoker of Heathen Gnosis
5. Tyrant's Hammer
6. Masters and Slaves
7. Lewd Perversities
8. Behind the Reigns of Gods
9. Throne of Continuum

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