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Saturday 07 May 2011 - 13:25:23
I know there are 1000s of them out there, but holy shit... some of them are... well... holy shit! 0

Saturday 07 May 2011 - 15:54:44
The One above me is pretty boring, just sayin'. Obviously the record holder for gory covers Still Remains Carcass' Reek of Putrefaction, no competition. I'll post a large picture so everyone can see every detail:

It's a collage of actual corpses and bodies and fetuses taken out of medical dictionaries and whatnot. Very gross but sooooo awesome. I LOOOOOOVE that huge Head in the centre barfing out limbs.
I own this on 12" vinyl, and seeing the artwork so big is pretty damn cool.

Saturday 07 May 2011 - 18:03:19

citation :
I'm not even gonna quote that...0

owww golly!
thats just... retarded on so many levels 0

Gory and sexy! 0

Tuesday 10 May 2011 - 22:26:48

Tuesday 10 May 2011 - 23:28:33
I gotta say, that album title is so inspired by early Carcass!
Very good cover--I remember seeing it on another thread somewhere. I think it was favorite album covers or something.
But it's neat to see it all close-up; before, I couldn't make too much out other than the corkscrew through the eye and a baby breaking through like in Alien.
I like how you can tell that the woman's face is like, shopped into the pic (or at least it looks that way). My only issue with the cover is the fact that the scratches/gouges look like they were just slapped on to the pic for good measure. For example, that Slash on the boob near the nipple doesn't Curve with the breast so it looks Unnatural which kinda peeves me off for some reason. Aaaaaand the background meshes with the foreground too much--there isn't enough contrast, making the picture not stand out much.. Here's a gory album cover with good background contrast to really make the foreground pop out at you:

Saturday 28 May 2011 - 00:19:45
Yeah, I posted this one before in the thread about the most Bizarre and Weirdest Album Covers and the in the favorite album covers thread, but The One about the weird and bizarre covers was moved, I think.
And the baby peeking through her stomach isn't the only one there; There's one above the "S" at The End of Anomalies, and another one in the tray above it and just below the word "Insertion". I couldn't find any more than those ones.
Now that I look at it more thoroughly, the pic does look shopped in some way.
I mean, the way the corkscrew goes through her eye doesn't look natural to me. Along with the slashes near the mouth, and the Slash on her chest between her breasts looks totally off in my opinion. And the Saw slicing through her leg looks a bit Unnatural to me, too.
And I sense something off about her hand... Especially how her pinkey finger looks crooked. Not to mention how three of her fingers look like they have a french manicure, and the other two don't.

Saturday 28 May 2011 - 01:16:59

I know, many of you have seen this cover before. But in my honest opinion, it doesn't really look realistic. I mean, the way Dead's brain is out of his Head next to him and in tact seems a bit odd... If he shot himself in the Head, shouldn't the brain be in pieces? And did he Slash his wrists AND shoot himself? If not, then what's with the knife? Surely he wasn't slicing up fruit just before he died...

On another Random note, I once heard that members of Mayhem wear a necklace with a piece of Dead's Skull on it.

Saturday 28 May 2011 - 01:54:29
I've never even thought of that 0 (sounds ligit) 

Saturday 28 May 2011 - 16:34:42
It's just something I noticed.

Thursday 20 October 2011 - 20:42:00