All Angels massacre : releases second track ‘Time Frame’

Donnerstag 01 Januar 2015 - 11:52:46 by Pirosaint

Metal project, All Angels Massacre have released its second track called ‘Time Frame’, which is now available for streaming via Soundcloud and Youtube. The track ‘Time Frame’ was mixed and mastered by Ignacio Figueroa’s studios in Valparaiso, Chile.

The online project 'All Angels Massacre' was created by Pirosaint’s drummer Ignacio Orellana, Brazilian guitarist Regisson Silva (Masterpiece) and Chilean Vocalist/Bass Player Ignacio Figueroa (Naioth) in 2013. The idea behind All Angels Massacre is to keep to create quality music via internet and release it on a physical format (CD/Vinyl) after having the number of songs needed it.

Guitarrist Regisson Silva HAS commented:

"One of the best thing about All Angels Massacre is that it's all about creating music! I fucking love composing and it's been great to try it here in this project sharing ideas. It's simply to pluck my guitar here in my home-studio, to record my some riffs and send them to my partners to complete, we discuss about the musical structure online and it's all. In this new track if you note we have just three riffs, it's simple but it's that, three fucking riffs that can Drive you crazy and Bang your head! Don't you wanna try? I bet you will!"

All Angels Massacre is:

Ignacio Figueroa - Bass/Vocals
Regisson Silva - Guitars
Ignacio Orellana - Drums

Download ‘Time Frame’ for free at the following locations (email required):

For more ‘All Angels Massacre’ updates please visit:

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