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Thulcandra was founded in 2003 by Steffen Kummerer and Juergen Zintz. Inspired by the music of Dissection and Unanimated, the founding members followed the path first explored by the Swedish masters of blackened death metal. By 2004, the band's first demo was recorded and the preparations for the first studio album were in full swing.
But dark days fell upon Thulcandra. In early 2005, Juergen Zintz, plagued by years of battling his personal demons, committed suicide. The tragic incident naturally brought the band to an abrupt halt. As time passed, however, remaining member Steffen Kummerer reworked the material and began writing new songs for the highly anticipated debut.
Yet it wasn't until a couple of years later when the evil twins Tobias and Sebastian Ludwig (known for their guitar and bass duties in the German pagan metal band Helfahrt) joined forces with Kummerer that Thulcandra was truly revived. With Seraph of the mighty Dark Fortress stepping in as a session drummer, Thulcandra could finally move forward to record "Fallen Angel's Dominion".
Thulcandra's debut unleashes a merciless winter storm upon the masses complete with freezing temperatures and endless darkness. "Fallen Angel's Dominion" creates a frigid atmosphere of icy compositions arousing the spirit of the early nineties. Guitarists Steffen Kummerer and Sebastian Ludwig weave a web of raging riffs, emphasized by infernal blastbeats, and crowned by black-as-night vocals. The black/death metal tracks deliver an uncompromising heaviness without ever sacrificing melody.
"Fallen Angel's Dominion" has acquired its sonic dominance at Woodshed Studios, at the hands of V. Santura (Obscura, Tryptykon, Dark Fortress) and Steffen Kummerer. Kristian Wåhlin (a.k.a. Necrolord), also known for his artistic expertise on classic releases from Dissection, Emperor, and Dark Funeral, is responsible for the artwork.
'Fallen Angel's Dominion' will see the light of darkness in June via Napalm Records.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/thulcandrametal