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Biografie : Hypnosis (FRA-1)

HYPNOSIS was formed back in october 1993, but the real start took place in 1996 when the line-up was finally and durably completed around Cindy (guitar/vocals), Patrice (bass) and Pierre (guitar, vocals & machines).
A lot of gigs and few demos will follow, permitting the band to develop its own style, far from the basic thrash/death of the beginning.

HYPNOSIS' first album, « Shadoworld », released in 1999 on Black Lotus Records (Greece), purposes an innovative and original atmospheric death-metal. This album will be well received and reviewed by metal press and medias all over Europe and even in the rest of the world... It will also permit the band to play some gigs in France with such bands as Gojira, Hamlet (Spain), DAB, Oversoul, Watcha, etc...

But the real basis of HYPNOSIS own and actual style will only appear on the second album, « Humanoid », released in 2001 on french label H.A.R/Sacral Productions.The band delivers on this opus a totally modern and futuristic Cyber Death-metal. We can say today that the band always considers this album as the foundation of its musical and artistic identity...

After a short period of doubt and lassitude the band started back practising in the end of 2002. Even if Patrice (Bass) had left the band for professionnal reasons, the motivation was stronger than ever and HYPNOSIS started recording a new demo in the beginning of 2003. This demo, « Evilution », was destined to promote the band's music all around the metal scene but also to find a new deal with a label in order to release its next album. The response of the underground medias (webzines, zines radios) was very positive and even enthusiastic and permitted the band to sign a record deal with the american label CRASH MUSIC!!!

The arrival of Jean-Michel (Drums) and Nicolas (Bass) in june and august 2003 have made the line-up finally completed. And after few months of hardly practising, the band entered Vortex Studio in the beginning of january 2004 to record its 3rd album: “Cyber Death”.

The recording and mixing sessions ended in the end of january. The mastering will be done in march at Mega Wimp Sound in Berlin (Germany).The album will be released in june 2004 on Crash Music!!!

Unfortunately, some problems appeared in the band during the recording and Jean-Michel (drums) and Nicolas (bass) decided to left the band. Patrice (ex-member), played all the bass parts on this new album... and did his best job ever!!! Mega thanks to him!!!

But the band has already found a new bassplayer in the person of Régis. His motivatin and involvment in the band's life have made that HYPNOSIS is now ready to spread its modern and hybrid death-metal all over Europe... Prepare to enter the cyber world!!!