Let's Start a Porn in the Name of Gore

Liste der Bands Porno Gore Grind 2 Minuta Dreka Let's Start a Porn in the Name of Gore

Violent / Sexual Content
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Band Name 2 Minuta Dreka
Album Name Let's Start a Porn in the Name of Gore
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2006
Musik GenrePorno Gore Grind
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen15


1. Headcrashed Blowjob
2. Blood Bukkake
3. Viagra Overdose
4. Medical Division Ejaculation
5. Mummification of the Infected Cadaver
6. Hearmaphrodite Nightmare (Meat Shits Cover)
7. I Hope You Get Tits Cancer
8. Tu Sei il Nulla
9. No More Formitrol
10. Living
11. Suffering
12. Regurgitated Semen (Meat Shits Cover)
13. Fecal Raptus
14. I'm a Pathologist (Haemorrhage Cover)
15. Semen Demon
16. Retarded Rebel
17. Rock Around the Cock
18. Perpetual Sperm Injection (Gut Cover)
19. Kasumi Toilet
20. 2 Sides of the Coin (Fear of God Cover)
21. Selfmade Cannibal

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2 Minuta Dreka

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Kommentar @ godlydevil7

06 August 2008
After I first heard a song of 2 Minuta Dreka on the Splatter Fetish 100-way Split, I instantly looked up more music of this artist.
They are basically what goregrind stands for : Not too fast, much groove, lyrics involving sex and intro's from sex/rape movies !

You'd say that this is nothing really special, and that the average porngrind band would be about the same. So, what makes these guys special ?

The answer is… Nothing !
They are nothing more that what I described above.
It sure is a nice listen, and I listen to it quite often. But, if you're looking for something special, you're at the wrong address at 2 Minuta Dreka.
But this basically applies to almost all porngrind band. And this band proves that you don't have to be original to be good. You can hear that these guys control their instruments and are willing to control them. Of course, humour is a big part of it all. No artist in the porngrind genre can become big if they take themselves too seriously.

So, if you're looking for something special, you're not going to find it here, if you're looking for just a good porngrind album, you're at the right adress here.

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