Thomas Vikström to sing on the new Steel Seal album

礼拜一 12 一月 2009 - 18:52:49 by Italianpowerfan

The Swedish vocalist Thomas Vikström (Candlemass, Brazen Abbott, Stormwind, Dark Illusion, Therion) will be singing on the upcoming second album of the Italian band Steel Seal. So, he will be the successor of DC Cooper, who appeared behind the microphone on the Steel Seal debut album “By the Power of Thunder”. Vikström is presently in Argentina, where he's going to record his vocal parts during the month of January; the remaining recordings and the final mixing will take place in the next month of March. The new album will be entitled “Redemption Denied” and released by the Italian label Underground Symphony.


Italianpowerfan - 25 八月 2010 à 16:16:21
The new Steel Seal album will be released on next October 15th. The official announce and the link to a sample song at

Italianpowerfan - 30 十一月 2010 à 13:50:58

Redemption Denied is out - at least in the Itunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody digital stores, the links can be found at
About the CD, it seems as it will take some more days to be released...