Rock 'n' Roll Shower (1984-1998)

乐队列表 Heavy Metal Vengeance (NL) Rock 'n' Roll Shower (1984-1998)
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Band Name Vengeance (NL)
Album Name Rock 'n' Roll Shower (1984-1998)
Type Compilation
发布日期 1998
出版公司 CBS Records
音乐风格Heavy Metal


1. Rock 'n' Roll Shower
2. Crazy Horses
3. Arabia
4. May Heaven Strike Me Down
5. Bad Boy for Love
6. Darkside Oo the Brain
7. Power of the Rock
8. Big Fat
9. Car Down and Out
10. Take Me to the Limit
11. Rock 'n' Roll Man
12. Dreamworld
13. If Lovin' You Is Wrong
14. Lonely Rider
15. She's the Woman
16. Planet Zilch
17. Take It or Leave It
18. What the Hell Is Going on
19. Jingles Vara's Vuurwerk

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Vengeance (NL)